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Basic Information
UserName: rolschwarz
Name: Roland E.C. Schwarz
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Occupation Mechanical Design Engineer
Specialty: complex surface modeling
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convert Pressure to flow
Topic started by justinday on 01/24/06, Message No. 17252
For incompsressible fluids, flow rate is proportional to the squa...
Posted 01/24/06 18:46 PST, Message No. 17253
Latent heating effect
Topic started by stu78 on 01/22/06, Message No. 17245
Quick reality check: Ask yourself: "How does a refriger...
Posted 01/25/06 22:01 PST, Message No. 17255
Perfect Vacuum
Topic started by stu78 on 01/05/06, Message No. 17199
If you put Hg into a volume at vacuum, some of it will flash to g...
Posted 01/05/06 15:08 PST, Message No. 17203
sudden force & gradual force
Topic started by chandran on 12/29/05, Message No. 17172
I don't believe there is an "official" definition of su...
Posted 12/29/05 06:42 PST, Message No. 17173
Plain Bearing - too much friction
Topic started by creuz on 12/21/05, Message No. 17152
Did you ADD the steel drill bushing or SWAP for one with higher c...
Posted 12/22/05 08:16 PST, Message No. 17161
Last time I had a friction/wear problem on a bearing arrangement ...
Posted 12/22/05 06:29 PST, Message No. 17159
Life Cycle Analysis
Topic started by on 12/05/05, Message No. 17109
So, Gerd, if I read this right...If you were kicked out, we would...
Posted 12/06/05 15:21 PST, Message No. 17121
total runout
Topic started by patlop on 12/02/05, Message No. 17095
 I understand what you are proposing, but it's important to ...
Posted 12/04/05 09:37 PST, Message No. 17106
Respectfully, gerd, you do misunderstand. Total runout in th...
Posted 12/03/05 10:49 PST, Message No. 17100
Good question.  I don't know.  Seems like cylindricity ...
Posted 12/02/05 18:27 PST, Message No. 17096
Micarta Phenolic, how do you saw this?
Topic started by travis on 11/17/05, Message No. 17055
I looked up the literature on Micarta.  It is glass-filled.&...
Posted 11/19/05 11:01 PST, Message No. 17060
Also, don't cut too fast.  Keep the material cool.  Onc...
Posted 11/18/05 09:24 PST, Message No. 17057
My experience with machining phenolic was that tools did need to ...
Posted 11/18/05 09:20 PST, Message No. 17056
stress in a non linear elastic material
Topic started by deathruddles on 11/12/05, Message No. 17043
Respectfully, if you are asking to explain principle stress and v...
Posted 01/21/06 06:19 PST, Message No. 17242
A strain gage is exactly what its name says it is: a gage that me...
Posted 01/21/06 06:12 PST, Message No. 17241
that face on mars
Topic started by gerdb on 10/30/05, Message No. 16977
When I was a kid, my friends and I would spot animal shapes in th...
Posted 10/30/05 14:06 PST, Message No. 16978
helicopter rotors
Topic started by taurusthetenacious on 10/29/05, Message No. 16973
As an investment, I would like to buy you a life insurance policy...
Posted 10/30/05 14:08 PST, Message No. 16979
Puzzling thermodynamics problem, please help!
Topic started by 737guy on 10/21/05, Message No. 16930
I didn't see a melt point listed. 350F does seem a bit hot for P...
Posted 10/23/05 12:42 PST, Message No. 16942
about current transformer
Topic started by shank on 09/11/05, Message No. 16730
What about using some sort of induction ammeter, similar to the k...
Posted 09/13/05 11:18 PST, Message No. 16748
I should qualify my response a little: I am talking about larg...
Posted 09/12/05 09:17 PST, Message No. 16737
In theory, it should be possible to reverse a transformer, swap s...
Posted 09/12/05 09:14 PST, Message No. 16736
Water pressure & amount of flow?
Topic started by labrisa on 08/28/05, Message No. 16690
part3: there is a calculator on this site: http://www.efunda....
Posted 08/28/05 18:09 PST, Message No. 16693
Part 2: Can you let the water run for a minute and measure the...
Posted 08/28/05 18:08 PST, Message No. 16692
Just a quick pass at this... Pressure is easy. The overwhelmi...
Posted 08/28/05 17:55 PST, Message No. 16691
Expansion / Contraction of Ice
Topic started by ecoulson on 08/16/05, Message No. 16647
Fill in these blanks: Density of liquid water at +4°C:___ Densi...
Posted 08/19/05 06:27 PST, Message No. 16661
I did a little browsing on the subject. Everything I found says ...
Posted 08/17/05 05:55 PST, Message No. 16651
Topic started by castel19 on 08/16/05, Message No. 16646
Probably the same flow meters used for conventional diesel, I wou...
Posted 08/16/05 17:46 PST, Message No. 16648
SHCS 5/16-24 x 3/4, 120k-150k PSI TS, high Cor a bolt
Topic started by sjoerdtje on 07/13/05, Message No. 16470
SHCS: socket head cap screw 5/16-24 x 3/4: 5/16 inch diameter ...
Posted 07/13/05 05:42 PST, Message No. 16471
In defense of Bob Lazar and alien space craft
Topic started by gerdb on 07/11/05, Message No. 16455
The same way North Korea acknowledges having nuclear weapons, per...
Posted 07/18/05 20:10 PST, Message No. 16511
If you think TV coverage equates veracity and legitimacy, then yo...
Posted 07/18/05 16:29 PST, Message No. 16509
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