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Basic Information
UserName: Meddevice Engineer
Name: Lance
Location: College Station Texas
Occupation Masters Student (Design Engineer)
Specialty: Medical Devices / Biomaterials
Profile Summary
No profile summary on file.

Posts by Meddevice Engineer
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It depends on the part of the tent. For a 3-season tent, the rai...
Posted 01/16/02 07:38 PST
Flexural Strength
What does the term "flexural strength" denote? Is this the stren...
Posted 12/01/01 19:23 PST
Radio-opacity of Implants
Rorschach, you never cease to amaze me in your posts. Does your ...
Posted 10/16/01 09:31 PST
Radio-opacity of Implants
Thanks for the tips, Rorschach. I had similar ideas, but I was h...
Posted 10/15/01 19:18 PST
Radio-opacity of Implants
Do any of you readers know anything about how polymeric and other...
Posted 10/15/01 08:25 PST
why engineering?
I thought I'd put my two cents in, since I've been in the same bo...
Posted 09/16/01 22:39 PST

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