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Insert molding a cable into plastic.
I'm doing research for the above problem - molding a cable (carry...
Posted 03/10/05 09:08 PST
Thanks for that. Your info improved my search and I managed to f...
Posted 02/21/05 08:09 PST
A lot of you will know what IP68 is, but my query is- who is resp...
Posted 02/21/05 06:08 PST
Cast Iron Replacment??
Any plastics likely to be a viable replacement for a Cast Iron bo...
Posted 11/30/04 03:52 PST
VDI- what does it stand for?
Morning all, VDI, as in "VDI spark finish". What does the VDI...
Posted 06/22/04 03:26 PST
"Wire Weld" process
I am investigating the possibility of using a plastic welding pro...
Posted 05/11/04 02:29 PST
Clips, Snaps, Interlocks, Mechanical fastening, in PLASTIC.
Hi all, I'm currently designing some plastic clipping features...
Posted 04/14/04 08:15 PST
Moisture Sealing using Polypropylene.
Thanks for your post. Unfortunately, the use of silicone, Ther...
Posted 04/05/04 09:15 PST
Moisture Sealing using Polypropylene.
Yes, humidity will be the key issue here, the device will not be ...
Posted 04/01/04 00:42 PST
Moisture Sealing using Polypropylene.
I have been tasked with researching & designing a seal on the out...
Posted 03/31/04 06:32 PST

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