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Basic Information
UserName: acroduster
Name: Dave
Location: New Orleans, LA
Occupation Civil Engineer
Specialty: Structural
Profile Summary
No profile summary on file.

Posts by acroduster
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collision problem...
One thing you guys haven't considered is that you are chasing you...
Posted 05/05/03 06:31 PST
100 Year Storm
What you're looking for is a publication put out by the American ...
Posted 05/05/03 06:14 PST
Outer Space
A few things to consider: 1. You state that there would only ...
Posted 05/05/03 06:04 PST
Fire truck, truss dynamics question
A few comments on this thread: 1. It seems odd that the ratin...
Posted 05/05/03 05:39 PST
Hydrophillic Material Search
I'm looking for a powder, fabric, pellet, etc. that is hydrophill...
Posted 12/23/02 08:34 PST
Toroidal Loop Switch
I'd like to know if a toroidal loop switch is easy to make. Basi...
Posted 12/17/02 09:12 PST
Technically, the torque required to keep the vehicle moving at 2-...
Posted 12/17/02 09:05 PST
Looking for good answers
I work in a design firm that has a specialty in docks, ship loade...
Posted 12/17/02 08:54 PST

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