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Torsional Deflection of Structural Tubing
The AISC manual lists the torsional constants for these tubes.&nb...
Posted 12/05/07 04:10 PST
Torsional Deflection of Structural Tubing
The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Manual lists ...
Posted 12/04/07 05:16 PST
magnetic refrigeration
I doubt any body could, but somebody might be able to.
Posted 10/10/07 12:05 PST
Mechanical P.E.: Get it for personal validation?
The time and effort put into filling out the forms and passing th...
Posted 09/26/07 07:44 PST
W type I beam help!
I'm going to have to step in and trump both Dave and Dr. D on thi...
Posted 08/21/07 11:50 PST
Compact Vs. Non-Compact Sections
I answered this in my first post.  Is there something you do...
Posted 07/31/07 15:08 PST
Compact Vs. Non-Compact Sections
When you check the W14x90's flange, you find that it's compactnes...
Posted 07/31/07 04:20 PST
efunda "Eccentric Axial Load" example
We're looking at some serious apples to oranges comparisons here....
Posted 07/25/07 07:36 PST
Plastic injection moulding Design - Rib height/stiffness
Sure, lengthening the ribs will give you more stiffness, but at t...
Posted 07/13/07 05:42 PST
Moment of inertia
It's simply a geometric property of a body that helps in rel...
Posted 07/06/07 06:42 PST
Octane Rating v. Compression Ratio
I'm sorry that I can't really help you, but I do recall a Volvo R...
Posted 06/06/07 04:54 PST
channel beam simply supported
The fact that you have inches, pounds, kilograms and meters in yo...
Posted 05/01/07 04:32 PST
I-beam steel grades - ever heard of 50W?
The U.S. ASTM designation for 50ksi weathering steel is A588 grad...
Posted 04/05/07 04:30 PST
Use of poissons ratio
The main use is to calculate the strain and related stress from o...
Posted 01/15/07 04:08 PST
plate stress calculation
Just don't forget to add your drumhead stress in there (tension f...
Posted 01/12/07 05:21 PST
Acceleration in Local coordinate system??
Try "Advanced Engineering Mathematics" by Kreyszig.
Posted 01/08/07 06:31 PST
Natural Frequency of cantilevers
First, answering school problems is generally frowned upon in pro...
Posted 12/19/06 10:52 PST
Beam Loading Question
I don't know how you did your calculation, but my rough estimate ...
Posted 12/14/06 04:44 PST
Beam Loading Question
There are many questions to ask and I would have to see the situa...
Posted 12/13/06 07:09 PST
Beam Loading Question
I hate to keep answering questions like this, but you really must...
Posted 12/12/06 09:13 PST
clamped (fixed) rectangular plate under a uniform/triangular load...
My two suggestions:  Roark's Formulas for Stress & Strai...
Posted 12/08/06 07:35 PST
Structural or construction engineering
From my own experience and from the construction engineers I...
Posted 10/31/06 14:56 PST
North Korea's Nuclear Weapon.
It requires a pretty good amount of conventional explosives to st...
Posted 10/10/06 04:49 PST
how do i derive equation of area,moment of inertia with respect t...
For this post, consider the x-axis as being along the beam's leng...
Posted 09/27/06 05:49 PST
how do i derive equation of area,moment of inertia with respect t...
When you say non-uniform, do you mean in shape or material or bot...
Posted 09/26/06 05:53 PST
Bracing I-beams - any ideas?
38' W14's are nothing to trifle with.  I suggest finding a l...
Posted 09/25/06 09:12 PST
Help with the Euler Bernoulli beam equation
There are two limit states for beams used in engineering and the ...
Posted 09/14/06 10:42 PST
Laminar flow over a plate
It comes down to edge effects.  Let's take two examples at t...
Posted 09/14/06 10:32 PST
Some Tricky Questions. Please reply(answer) me
Sorry - we don't do homework or take-home tests.  You'll hav...
Posted 07/19/06 10:46 PST
Beam Deflection Formula Help
What's the application?  What are the loads and what is it b...
Posted 06/29/06 13:32 PST
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