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Heat treatement of 4140 Alloy steel to 45 Rockwell "C" (Rc)
Thanks for the advice!!   God Bless, Wes
Posted 05/19/06 07:13 PST
Heat treatement of 4140 Alloy steel to 45 Rockwell "C" (Rc)
My heat treat vendor is having a hard time heat treating 4140 Air...
Posted 05/16/06 10:25 PST
4140 Steel Hardening and Tempering
Thomas,  You can find information on 4140 tempering and it's...
Posted 05/09/06 11:23 PST
Plate deflecting under load and heat
I would look at a material that is more resiliant towards dramati...
Posted 12/27/05 11:52 PST
Problem with Galvanized sheetmetal hem...
Mike, I agree with Dave. However, the problem of cracking/fl...
Posted 12/27/05 11:29 PST
screw is at full scale?
With reference to you question, do you mean Threads per Inch? Wha...
Posted 12/27/05 10:56 PST

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