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Corrosion in steels
I would look at the book "Metals Handbook Desk Edition" published...
Posted 01/28/10 11:30 PST
Weld Stainless steel on mild steel
Well the weld region of the stainless steel will be heat affected...
Posted 06/04/07 08:23 PST
Alien probe or fake? Care to comment or is you reputation on the...
The problem with the article is that that the same could be said ...
Posted 06/04/07 07:05 PST
BURNING WATER-your opinion/comment
I personally find it great that a Purdue University (my alma mate...
Posted 06/04/07 06:02 PST
I work in the US as an engineer and I actually use metric units m...
Posted 03/05/07 05:01 PST
Blood Heat capacity
Well I don't know exactly what it is, but if you are a university...
Posted 09/01/06 08:46 PST
First Men on Moon Saw UFOs
Can someone tell me why this kind of stuff is being posted on an ...
Posted 08/14/06 05:19 PST
hardness vs. yield strength
Unfortunately, if you want to determine tensile strength based on...
Posted 06/19/06 05:54 PST
Role of integration in computer science
Calculus is used in various aspects of computer science but I can...
Posted 05/22/06 10:40 PST
stainless steel casting
I am actually trying to learn the same thing right now about how ...
Posted 05/12/06 06:48 PST
4140 Steel Hardening and Tempering
I would look in the "ASM Handbook Volume 4: Heat Treating&qu...
Posted 05/09/06 12:11 PST
Unfortunately a detailed answer would take several lecture sessio...
Posted 04/21/06 05:34 PST
relation between different hardness units
ASTM standard E 140 lists various conversion tables and conversio...
Posted 04/18/06 07:31 PST
fasteners (studs and nuts) in cyclic temperature service
It was the maya that had their calendar end in 2012.
Posted 11/23/05 05:35 PST
what do the twin towers and the space station have in common ?
Like alot of problems, why the towers fell down is partially a ma...
Posted 11/08/05 06:45 PST

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