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Non-conductive coating
Thank you very much. It sounds so simple that I feel stupid. I ...
Posted 05/27/04 14:03 PST
Non-conductive coating
Thank you for the responce. I need to build a welding fixture ou...
Posted 05/26/04 08:14 PST
Non-conductive coating
Hello, Could anyone advise what kind of non-conductive coatings ...
Posted 05/25/04 12:56 PST
Poor Drafting Practices
I remember my first job in the USA. That was very successful ma...
Posted 09/05/03 15:11 PST
Protection in welding process
This is for prototype quantity using relatively skilled labor. A...
Posted 08/29/03 15:42 PST
Protection in welding process
Hello everybody. Is there a way to mask metal pins during weldin...
Posted 08/29/03 14:53 PST
Microsoft Excel is WRONG!!! Beware...
Instead of typing =-(3+6)^2 type =-1*(3+6)^2. This fixes the pro...
Posted 08/06/03 11:15 PST
Spot Welding
Are there machines that are capable of spot welding with electrod...
Posted 07/09/03 11:35 PST
Coining invar
Gentlemen, Let me clarify things again. My blank before forming...
Posted 05/31/03 12:08 PST
Coining invar
You sound like my dad. I intentionally asked the very general q...
Posted 05/28/03 13:15 PST
Coining invar
Has anybody tried doing cold forging invar in closed die scheme?
Posted 05/27/03 14:43 PST
Hi there. Does anybody know if Pro/mechanica can do a transition...
Posted 05/20/03 08:42 PST
nanometer tolerances
How can I reach you?
Posted 04/22/03 15:03 PST
nanometer tolerances
Is there a precision machine shop that can make small parts out o...
Posted 04/22/03 10:04 PST
Ball bearings clearence
Can anyone tell me what is the very minimum clearence between ID ...
Posted 03/31/03 08:31 PST
Udderholm D2
D2 is a common tool steel, used mostly in stamping sheet metal ap...
Posted 02/18/03 08:27 PST
Udderholm D2
Did anybody hear about Udderholm D2 and what is the difference fr...
Posted 02/17/03 16:12 PST
Pro-e versus Catia, versus Unigraphics
I am in the middle of choosing the right sogtware between those t...
Posted 01/24/03 08:27 PST

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