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UserName: antony thomas
Name: Antony Thomas.C.M
Location: Coimbatore, India
Occupation Mechanical Engineer
Specialty: Computer aided engineering
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plate with a hole - stress
Hi Dave, Thanks for the reply. I have already checked in Roark'...
Posted 07/29/09 09:38 PST
plate with a hole - stress
I have a rectangular thin plate with a circular hole at the cente...
Posted 07/28/09 08:09 PST
motor controls in elevator
I am student pursuing Master degree. I have to do a project on th...
Posted 09/04/06 09:29 PST
Simple vibration calculation
hai bgoo,your formulae are have to calculate the stif...
Posted 08/24/06 08:35 PST
hoist/elevator motor
What type of motors are used in hoist and elevators? what are the...
Posted 08/22/06 06:07 PST
bogie suspension
I am in the process of designing a bogie suspension for a truck. ...
Posted 04/22/06 09:35 PST
Oil Content in compressed air as per ISO standards.
Hello Mr. Efunda, We have planned to purchase a Silenced Screw...
Posted 01/31/05 01:54 PST
Shackle in leaf spring
I have noticed in almost all of the leaf springs (both in front &...
Posted 01/09/05 19:23 PST
designing of centrifugal fans
hai sahil, I think the book "Centrifugal Fans & blowers" by Ch...
Posted 11/04/04 19:08 PST
brake shoe factor
What is brake shoe factor? What is that it physically mean? I kn...
Posted 11/02/04 07:33 PST
designing of centrifugal fans
hai sahil, Fan Engineering Handbook by Buffalo Forge Company w...
Posted 10/27/04 08:25 PST
Needle roller Bearing with cage assembly
We need the following clarification from your expert. 1. how t...
Posted 08/19/04 01:30 PST
Uniform dynamic pressure in rectangular section
I would like to maintain uniform pressure in rectangular section....
Posted 08/16/04 01:10 PST
Air Density Versus temperature.
Sir We need information about air density value in kg/m3 for ...
Posted 08/12/04 04:00 PST
axial flow fan in automobiles
I have noticed an axial flow cooling fan in diesel engines with t...
Posted 07/23/04 07:43 PST
deflection of a stepped shaft
i don't that there will be a general formula. You can use macaula...
Posted 06/15/04 20:16 PST
variator belt drive
thank u, acroduster1. I have left out one thing to tell u - th...
Posted 06/15/04 00:28 PST
variator belt drive
Drive from an induction motor is taken through a variator V-belt ...
Posted 06/14/04 01:08 PST
Efunda, I have an idea for you guys.
Nice ideas,Travis. you have initiated a very valuable topic. bu...
Posted 06/02/04 00:11 PST
Rigidity modulus of Polyurethane rubber
I have not plotted any curves. Infact i am new to such materials....
Posted 05/26/04 07:37 PST
Rigidity modulus of Polyurethane rubber
we are using a portion (35mm)of a round belt as a torional spring...
Posted 05/25/04 02:49 PST
roller bearing stiffness
hai vinzenma, I am in the process of getting the information f...
Posted 04/22/04 01:01 PST
Centrifugal fans - power Vs outer Diameter of the impeller
Thank you for the reply. Inlet diameters were the same in all th...
Posted 04/13/04 06:15 PST
Centrifugal fans - power Vs outer Diameter of the impeller
We have recently conducted an experimental study by changing the ...
Posted 04/11/04 20:05 PST
roller bearing stiffness
Thank you vinzenma. I will try to get those DIN standards. Mea...
Posted 04/04/04 07:16 PST
roller bearing stiffness
Would anyone perhaps know how to find the stiffness of a roller a...
Posted 03/12/04 01:48 PST
Effect of weight on Fan power
Only the inertial load and hence the current will increase at sta...
Posted 03/09/04 20:51 PST
Starting Torque
Is the rotor directly driven or do you have any transmission elem...
Posted 02/27/04 22:24 PST
plate spring thickness variation-reg
hello, we are used high carbon steel(c75) plate sprin...
Posted 02/13/04 21:11 PST
Wear and Friction test results
We are having a Pin on disk Instrument for the measurement of wea...
Posted 02/03/04 00:43 PST
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