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Basic Information
UserName: art2000
Name: Arthur T. Martinez
Location: Long Beach, CA, USA
Occupation Industrial Designer/Mechanical Designer
Specialty: Product Design
Profile Summary
Industrial Designer/Mechanical Designer with skill and knowlege of AutoCAD 2000, Injection Molding, Die Casting, Sheet Metal, Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Production, Q.A., and Manufacturing.
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solenoid problem
You might look at using a car door opener. It's a lot stronger th...
Posted 05/20/08 13:06 PST
How Big a Dish do I need?
I don't think that a dish will work because you won't have a VHF/...
Posted 09/19/06 11:44 PST
If it's a human body then it will feel cooler to the owner of the...
Posted 09/08/06 16:47 PST
Soldering Iron tip
This is probably too late to help you. Just tin the tip of the so...
Posted 09/08/06 16:42 PST
drilling 1/4" dia. holes in neoprene stoppers
A machinist always has to drill holes.  Try using a tubular ...
Posted 09/08/06 16:39 PST
axial flow fan in automobiles
At driving speed, the pressure waves are of no consequence becaus...
Posted 07/28/04 08:37 PST
axial flow fan in automobiles
It's done for the same reason tire treads are spaced unevenly aro...
Posted 07/27/04 09:05 PST
Poor ultrasonic welding
You didn't answer my question. Do you understand what I tried to ...
Posted 05/17/04 18:57 PST
Poor ultrasonic welding
Are you trying to weld 2 flat surfaces together? Have you added "...
Posted 05/14/04 22:05 PST
Tire sandals production method
Can some kind of nibbler or punching type shear be made to cut th...
Posted 05/06/04 22:50 PST
Drafter/Mechanical designer
If I could see you hand lettering, I could tell if you'll be good...
Posted 04/05/04 23:18 PST
Tarctrix Curve
Factoid for builders: You can build an arch with canon balls ...
Posted 03/16/04 21:28 PST
Rust Dots
For whatever it's worth, my wife ruined a stainless steel sauce p...
Posted 03/16/04 21:20 PST
How can you detect a drop of adhesive?
The liquid glue might fluoresce when exposed to UV light. A light...
Posted 02/17/04 22:14 PST
Tapered ring calculation help
Oops, still had my old email address. See my updated profile. ...
Posted 02/04/04 07:09 PST
Tapered ring calculation help
Send me your email address and I'll send you an Excel file that d...
Posted 02/01/04 22:09 PST
Solar Tracking
Santoshat, Use blueshift's parabolic trough with an equitorial...
Posted 01/27/04 22:01 PST
Paint for Plastic?
What kind of plastic are you trying to paint? I think that ma...
Posted 01/27/04 21:51 PST
Hand (Force)
Look up "The Measure of Man" by Henry Dreyfuss Associates. It sho...
Posted 01/27/04 21:37 PST
Clay modeling/ proto-typing
Booster, I think that you need to change the type of clay that...
Posted 12/23/03 21:50 PST
Apex seal of a rotary engine
I had a '74 Mazda Rotary Pick-up truck many years ago and as I re...
Posted 12/11/03 23:15 PST
survival at -60 degr F, sero oxygen and at 30,000 feet altitude
Maybe it wasn't quite a cold as we're lead to believe. On a fligh...
Posted 12/11/03 23:02 PST
Solenoid Activated Latching mechanism
The latches that you want are generally called passenger retraint...
Posted 09/17/03 19:29 PST
The Mazda rotary IC engine.
The rotary was immensely simple compared to then and now. Do you ...
Posted 07/03/03 23:52 PST
The Mazda rotary IC engine.
Oh, one more thing. The two rotor engine is basically like a 6 cy...
Posted 07/03/03 23:45 PST
The Mazda rotary IC engine.
Rotary engines are two cylcle engines and are relatively dirty ex...
Posted 07/03/03 23:36 PST
Look up "excelsior wood shavings" in Google. The type of product ...
Posted 06/08/03 20:19 PST
Non conductive materials
The thread never mentioned most of these other things and I never...
Posted 05/16/03 19:32 PST
Non conductive materials
ESD was never discussed as a problem. I interpreted the original ...
Posted 05/15/03 21:18 PST
Non conductive materials
You really make it very difficult for one to provide you with hel...
Posted 05/14/03 22:20 PST
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