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Basic Information
UserName: b1ueshift
Name: Ben O'Regan
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Occupation Engineer
Specialty: Fire Services
Profile Summary
Mechanical engineer by training (also grad dip in computer science). I live in Australia but have considerable overseas experience in Asia and the US. I am interested in physics, problem solving, puzzles, automotive mechanics, golf, DIY home renovation
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Filling a cylinder with water without letting the air out.
The air pressure is going to equal the pressure of water at the b...
Posted 06/23/11 02:18 PST
safety distance calculation for pressure test
If you search OSHA requirements you might find a standa...
Posted 05/19/11 04:53 PST
Leaking Fuel Injector
I don't know about molecular effects.  You would need a very...
Posted 05/08/11 14:35 PST
Leaking Fuel Injector
Size of the molecule?  That's not relevant.  The flow ...
Posted 05/07/11 22:37 PST
Fluid Mechanic : need advice
Still not enough information.  It sounds like an oil piplin...
Posted 05/05/11 06:55 PST
Fluid Mechanic : need advice
Not enough information. Is this a real life problem or a homewor...
Posted 05/05/11 06:13 PST
Nozzle problem
We're not going to do your homework for you. This is an exercise...
Posted 03/16/11 03:13 PST
Working of a car
Krislou, Did you know you dug up a post that's more than 10...
Posted 03/01/11 22:05 PST
Calculations for raising temperature in specific amount of time
I'd agree with Cessna, but I'll add one qualification.  A ob...
Posted 02/26/11 23:31 PST
using the sun as a time portal for space ships
gerdb, I think you are in the wrong forum.  I expect there...
Posted 02/20/11 22:23 PST
vaccum chamber design
I would think a water tight cable gland would seal your chamber v...
Posted 02/20/11 22:06 PST
Calculations for raising temperature in specific amount of time
You're question is just fine - there are no silly questions. ...
Posted 02/13/11 03:33 PST
Orifice plate
The ones I've seen don't have a bevel and orifice plates can usua...
Posted 09/09/10 06:12 PST
Structural help with Lighting Display.
Usually with tall structures, there is more concern about them bl...
Posted 09/04/10 09:43 PST
Beam Stress
Do you mean 5 1/2" from the support (not 5 1/2')?  In this c...
Posted 09/04/10 08:00 PST
Regarding idlers in Planetary gear model
The tollerances needed for locating shafts require machining the ...
Posted 05/09/10 23:39 PST
Can mating gears be of different pressure angles
If I rember my gear theory correctly, even though two curved ...
Posted 10/19/09 06:51 PST
Pipe pressure loss calculator
If you have to ask these questions are you sure you're up to the ...
Posted 09/15/09 01:57 PST
how easily can light go through a 3 foot solid concrete wall ?
It seems unlikely that a transformer would explode with enough fo...
Posted 08/23/09 02:35 PST
Vapor pressure of LNG vs. Propane
They are completely different - not similar.  Natural gas i...
Posted 03/31/09 05:31 PST
Pressure Drop Calculations (Fluid Dynamics)
You seem to be saying that you want to calculate the pressure dro...
Posted 03/19/09 09:14 PST
Radial stress on centrifugal pump shafts
Radial forces on a pump impeller should be pretty close to zero.&...
Posted 02/03/09 22:24 PST
wax as automobile fuel!!!
I expect wax burns too slowly and with to much smoke to be suitab...
Posted 01/31/09 22:44 PST
RPM to Gear ratio
First is that a gasoline motor?  It's not ideal for win...
Posted 10/16/08 01:43 PST
Uncoated steel concrete anchor bolt corrosion problem
Gerb,As you are a machinist, I expect you know metals, but are yo...
Posted 07/27/08 01:34 PST
Uncoated steel concrete anchor bolt corrosion problem
What sort of bolts and what are the loads?In my experience, any s...
Posted 07/16/08 07:37 PST
Definition of current for a three phase circuit.
Sorry if I'm not making sense. Regarding 3 phase circuit bre...
Posted 06/30/08 23:01 PST
Definition of current for a three phase circuit.
I see electrical current quoted for 3 phase circuits and rated cu...
Posted 06/29/08 11:44 PST
Formula for Flow Rate
This type of question is all too common.  Not enough informa...
Posted 06/24/08 07:30 PST
Pipe Fitting / Pipe Fabrication
I used to do detailed design pipe for automatic fire sprinkl...
Posted 05/13/08 07:57 PST
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