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mechanical engineering
What is your background? What is the audience? Mechanical engine...
Posted 11/06/00 10:58 PST
Electrical Battery tester
Battery life depends on the drain. A low drain situation will le...
Posted 11/06/00 08:27 PST
inventory management in supply chain
What is FMCG ? Abbreviations make it difficult to give an answer...
Posted 10/27/00 18:43 PST
Drilling is used to make holes. Milling is used to remove metal ...
Posted 10/26/00 14:23 PST
Engineering systems
This is obviously a homework question. This forum is set up to he...
Posted 10/20/00 16:31 PST
supplier, Tetrabutyl Titanate and di-N-octylsufide
I dont know if you have tried suppliers like Sigma-Aldrich, VWR, ...
Posted 10/19/00 19:22 PST
Using "fail safe" brakes
Actually Warner has a pretty good description of the "fail safe b...
Posted 10/19/00 10:10 PST
Difference in type of Two Wheelers
This is simply terminology. it probably has to do with the engine...
Posted 10/11/00 18:24 PST
torque wrench design (beam type)
Unless I am missing something, the torque is simply the force nor...
Posted 09/29/00 15:08 PST
acceleration of pneumatic cylinder
I think you are mixing two different things. Force on the piston...
Posted 09/28/00 15:27 PST
machines, machine tool
A machine is any device that does work. An automobile engine, ele...
Posted 09/28/00 08:36 PST
Approximate relation between hardness and tensile strength
As rorschach already mentioned, the relationship is empirical, bu...
Posted 09/26/00 13:19 PST
CNC Routers
I will answer your second question first. Yes CNC routers can cu...
Posted 09/25/00 16:03 PST
Rodney Hunt Co. roll design literature
What is a "Roll Design" Please explain the context of these arti...
Posted 09/25/00 14:38 PST
automobile (scooter), gasoline (petrol) in exhaust
You say "why do a scooter get over". What does that mean? Does ...
Posted 09/25/00 08:32 PST
Leak Testing Fixture
I am trying to picture the problem. Maybe you can answer these q...
Posted 09/22/00 14:21 PST
Convert latitude and longitude to state grid coordinates
The state maps put out by publishers such as Thomas maps have an ...
Posted 09/19/00 14:49 PST
material properties, rubber band
Why would the rubber band travel in the first place? Are you sho...
Posted 09/15/00 16:28 PST
EIT exam
The most famous books on the PE and the EIT exams are written by ...
Posted 09/15/00 08:50 PST
Well, that's like asking the fine folks at eFunda to reproduce te...
Posted 09/15/00 08:14 PST
Tires and their diameter revisited
It is not clear whether heating is causing the failures. The fail...
Posted 09/14/00 19:32 PST
chemical degradation of ceramics and polymers
The following information was gathered by doing a web search. Th...
Posted 09/14/00 19:12 PST
Working of a car
As others have explained this topic is too vast to answer. Howev...
Posted 09/11/00 19:26 PST
You could try to locate similar current machines, made by this ma...
Posted 09/07/00 14:36 PST
Why is the error function called so?
The error function erf(x), usually normalized to one with a facto...
Posted 09/01/00 14:26 PST
Leachability of heavy metals from asphalt amended bituminous conc...
You could always do a search on the search engines. Here are a c...
Posted 08/29/00 18:39 PST
Thermal resistance of bolted interface (aluminum, vacuum)
Steinberg's experimental conditions call out for a surface finish...
Posted 08/29/00 18:25 PST
press fits
Coeffiicient of friction does not come into play when you are doi...
Posted 08/29/00 14:52 PST
Thermal resistance of bolted interface (aluminum, vacuum)
Give us details. What specifically does Steinberg say? What doe...
Posted 08/28/00 16:37 PST
Resistivity of Saline
You are talking about an Isotonic solution (which has the same os...
Posted 08/28/00 16:32 PST
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