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UserName: billdean
Name: Bill Dean
Location: ST. LOUIS
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Laser Drilling
I already found a similar grade of polyimide from another supplie...
Posted 11/12/05 07:08 PST
Please help: Marking for nut and bolt assembly to trace moves
I have used red glyptol for years without any problems. It is pla...
Posted 06/06/05 09:05 PST
In my 9 years of designing and dispositioning anodized parts, I d...
Posted 01/26/05 08:57 PST
Solidworks mating problem
When trying to work with more complex geometry, I have had some s...
Posted 08/23/04 13:24 PST
Fire Safe Valves
Try looking at Essex Fluid Controls.
Posted 07/01/04 07:51 PST
Laser Drilling
I am looking for a .005" thick material suitable for laser drilli...
Posted 04/28/04 07:11 PST
Tarctrix Curve
A catenary curve is the shape that a perfectly uniform rope would...
Posted 03/09/04 13:38 PST
I would like the equation for arc length; I beleive it is s=..
The length of an arc is: PI * Angle of Arc * Radius of Arc / 1...
Posted 09/29/03 09:08 PST
geometric tolerancing
Here is my basic understanding, Flatness refers to the form of...
Posted 08/18/03 14:53 PST
Aluminum Anodizing
Hello indy0t4, I have been using anodized 2011-T3 aluminum bod...
Posted 08/09/02 12:36 PST

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