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What in the world is "induction volume"?
Posted 10/12/00 12:54 PST
speech algorithms
Check out this link
Posted 09/28/00 12:27 PST
voice dialing
Why not take a look at:
Posted 09/28/00 12:26 PST
BOOKS About how RE-Make from zero MACHINES TOOLS ... (4th Time)
How many times are you going to ask this rambling question? Have...
Posted 08/01/00 18:57 PST
METAL HEAT TREATMENT, carbon stopoff paste for carburizing
Out of curiosity I looked for this product you describe, and I ca...
Posted 07/25/00 10:38 PST
Induction heating, aluminum foil
Can't you just purchase an off-the-shelf induction heater for thi...
Posted 07/24/00 16:08 PST
computer, java programs how to open
What exactly are you trying to say? Java is a somewhat involved ...
Posted 07/05/00 18:00 PST
Electrical calculation (part II), DC shunt motor, armature resist...
I imagine that your homework was turned in long ago, but I can't ...
Posted 06/09/00 14:37 PST
The neutral axis passes through the centroid of your cross-sectio...
Posted 06/09/00 14:32 PST
gear box design
Has anyone actually done this?
Posted 05/27/00 17:47 PST
spring dashpot in series
I think Dr Funda may have misunderstood your question. If I unde...
Posted 04/25/00 10:02 PST
Viscosity, Saybolt Seconds
You may already have the equation relating Saybold Universal Seco...
Posted 04/21/00 14:54 PST
Concrete, Life of ?
A long time. Well-prepared concrete (one that small holes and pi...
Posted 04/20/00 11:52 PST
Phrase diagram
If you are looking for phase diagrams, then check out the followi...
Posted 04/12/00 10:23 PST
help, Washbasins using Acrylic, Steel, Stainless Steel
Guess I'm a little older than both of you but don't forget cast i...
Posted 04/05/00 23:11 PST
Hey, I have a book ("Designing Plastic Parts for Assembly", by Pa...
Posted 03/22/00 11:23 PST
mm to decimals
Dr Funda didn't mention it, but they've got the "caliber" unit he...
Posted 03/04/00 18:47 PST
Why cork for bottle stopper?
Zero-poisson ratio cork is good for bottle stoppers because the c...
Posted 02/29/00 16:24 PST
Acceleration of gravity
Tidally-locked satellites are the norm, rather than the exception...
Posted 02/16/00 09:59 PST
Let me give this question a try... In my opinion, it is not co...
Posted 02/12/00 19:38 PST
Acceleration of gravity
Here's another interesting fact about gravity and altitude. Dr Fu...
Posted 02/11/00 19:27 PST
Galv. joist hanger corrosion
Here's another mechanism that might be the source of your humid a...
Posted 02/11/00 19:05 PST
Area of Geometrical Shape
Here's a potentially quick and definitely dirty idea: If you o...
Posted 01/19/00 18:14 PST
radiation teaser
Quiche, -150 °F is an estimate for the temperature in the ...
Posted 01/07/00 09:59 PST
radiation teaser
To mimic a bald head exposed to the cold night sky, try these val...
Posted 12/21/99 15:55 PST

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