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What is pure torsion?
kb8e10:  Pure torsion is just that.  Only torsion is ap...
Posted 12/21/12 14:24 PST
Pressure in psi at 800f. In a closed tank
CURAT:  Assuming the valvve is right at the tank.  The ...
Posted 12/21/12 14:19 PST
Calibrating flowrate
MACHWORX:  Two things come to mind.  The orifice equat...
Posted 08/30/12 07:11 PST
Calculation of Pressure Drop of a Grill
Such calculations are usually far off.  Manufacrurers of disc...
Posted 08/03/12 15:34 PST
Getting a particular band of surface finish in cold forging
CHANDRA54321:  Forging and cold heading impart mechancial pr...
Posted 07/11/12 17:00 PST
flow through a corrugated pipe
LOPEZAD2:  You may want to try the NATIONAL CORROGATED STEEL...
Posted 07/11/12 13:56 PST
Beam calculator for wood
JAYELROD:  Wood is a natural product and as such varies wide...
Posted 06/25/12 11:58 PST
UNS denotes a special thread.  This means it is "non-standar...
Posted 06/20/12 17:19 PST
Mounting of Gears in Gearbox
KRIAKKK:  TWIRLY is right.  What you want to do is call...
Posted 04/19/12 11:33 PST
Moment of Inertia
Kshiteese:  Calculate Moment of Inertia of steel plate. ...
Posted 04/19/12 11:25 PST
Pressure rated at about 50 psi.
khuyenkute2:  This exact question was posted by WSLOW i...
Posted 12/31/11 09:28 PST
Pressure drop in Closed Tank due to Temperature drop
POPGEM19:  Try this link
Posted 12/05/11 10:20 PST
HELLO ALL:  Does anyone have the profiles for the Perryman 1...
Posted 11/11/11 16:06 PST
Sleeve Rated 50 psi.
WSLOW:  Below is some information on burst or rupt...
Posted 09/22/11 11:40 PST
Sleeve Rated 50 psi.
WISLOW:  Is it necessary that all four openings burst at the...
Posted 09/22/11 10:20 PST
Piston seal o-rings make shaft stick
STEVE:  Have you considered compatibility issues between the...
Posted 08/26/11 11:18 PST
Filling a cylinder with water without letting the air out.
CROC52:  There are several posssible causes, but one is:&nbs...
Posted 06/20/11 10:16 PST
HELLO ALL:  Does someone have values for the static and kine...
Posted 05/27/11 14:59 PST
safety distance calculation for pressure test
RIZA:  It depends.  All presuure testing should be perf...
Posted 05/18/11 16:16 PST
1-14 UNF design specifications
RLENG:  I do not think it is available.  I checked a UN...
Posted 05/12/11 05:52 PST
Torsional deflection of a round solid steel shaft having, multipl...
BRITTANY18:  You are on the right track.  The total def...
Posted 05/04/11 09:55 PST
Fluid Mechanic : need advice
SIIRY:  On the EFUNDA opening page, just above the "Forum li...
Posted 05/03/11 21:19 PST
I beam Rating
J3104:  A couple of thoughts here.     ...
Posted 04/17/11 20:39 PST
Need a document on piston ring seal
kriakkk:  Try the SAE for design/manufacturng guidelines Re...
Posted 03/14/11 14:12 PST
Calculations for raising temperature in specific amount of time
POKKIE:  What you have here is a classic heat transfer probl...
Posted 02/26/11 16:25 PST
HELLO ALL:  Does hard water erode materials faster than soft...
Posted 01/17/11 16:53 PST
Plate Deflections
FHM:  Have you verified that the equation you used is correc...
Posted 01/12/11 10:46 PST
HELLO ALL:  Could someone please provide a source of informa...
Posted 12/24/10 14:10 PST
EIT and PE Exam
RAFI:  The EIT is a general knowledge test of engineeri...
Posted 12/12/10 11:31 PST
EIT and PE Exam
MRSHMED81:  The first question is easy - Take the EIT or, as...
Posted 12/11/10 16:00 PST
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