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Basic Information
UserName: crackerjack
Name: David E. Dinwiddie
Location: Pine Bluff, AR
Occupation Construction & Demolition
Specialty: Alternative Energy (at home)
Profile Summary
Did 14 years US Navy: submarine mechanic / building manager, QA Inspector, TQM Facilitator. On weekends I give tours at Submarine Museum. USS Razorback in North Little Rock Arkansas.
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LFG components
The toxic gases depend on What is being burned... How hot the tem...
Posted 11/14/08 21:03 PST
what size air cylinder needed?
I agree. We dont know how much work we have to do. The most impor...
Posted 11/14/08 20:51 PST
boiler pressure test using compress air
In some tank and compartment tests they use compressed air for a ...
Posted 06/13/08 21:09 PST
Thread identification
There is more than just Metric, Imperial and American SAE. Differ...
Posted 06/13/08 21:02 PST
steam table phases
Where is the fluid? Is it in the Turbine, the condenser, or the f...
Posted 06/09/08 02:15 PST
I think the Tolorance depends on (1) who you are working for... a...
Posted 06/09/08 02:11 PST
This forum is going downhill!
I agree with the idea to start a separate forum. One for Homework...
Posted 06/09/08 02:09 PST
boiler pressure test using compress air
There are written testing standards for boilers.Yes you can use a...
Posted 06/09/08 02:06 PST
solenoid valves
You did not say what you are having a problem with.Find your High...
Posted 03/26/08 14:28 PST
Thread Engagement
There are a million kinds of bolts. I am guessing you live on the...
Posted 03/26/08 14:26 PST
Buoyancy Calculations
Bouyancy is something like... neutral bouyancy equals weight time...
Posted 03/01/08 18:17 PST
Centrifugal Blowers
I agree with the Roots Blower thing. In hindsight, not enough inf...
Posted 11/21/07 17:40 PST
motor frame sizes vs. dimensions
I agree. If you are getting a new electric motor, that is hooked ...
Posted 11/21/07 17:37 PST
How to inspect straightness of tubing ID?
Some places use a laser to verify straightness. That's what they ...
Posted 11/21/07 17:34 PST
Other ways to Identify Aluminum
Thanks twirly. That will work fine.Since I do Demolition work, I ...
Posted 10/29/07 10:49 PST
Other ways to Identify Aluminum
Besides a Magnet, are there any other ways to Identify Aluminum?I...
Posted 10/29/07 03:06 PST
Centrifugal Blowers
Instead of researching Air Conditioning, try researching pumps.A ...
Posted 10/29/07 02:56 PST
I need help with 60HZ to 50HZ conversion
Is this in North America or Europe?In Europe the supply is often ...
Posted 06/30/07 16:15 PST
Air Pressure Test vs. Water Pressure Test
In the Navy we only used Air Tests on Compartments or Large Tanks...
Posted 06/30/07 16:13 PST
Centrifugal Pump Issues
I agree with all the responses and also ask...Is the Impeller the...
Posted 06/30/07 16:06 PST
Fasteners & Their Use
Maybe some Manufacturers could provide info or go to the local NU...
Posted 06/30/07 15:58 PST
Submarine Periscope Hydraulic Math
Thanks fluidpower1. That is Exactly the information I was asking ...
Posted 02/16/07 06:35 PST
Submarine Periscope Hydraulic Math
Thanks fluidpower1, we have that and have the hardcopy books at t...
Posted 02/15/07 08:35 PST
Submarine Periscope Hydraulic Math
Thanks for the Formula. We don't really want to move it fast anyw...
Posted 02/14/07 14:59 PST
Submarine Periscope Hydraulic Math
How much pressure is needed to raise the scope? I volunteer at Su...
Posted 02/14/07 06:14 PST
How Big a Dish do I need?
Thanks art, I also found some info on
Posted 09/20/06 09:36 PST
ph value of diesel & petrol
You can find it on the MSDS for each product. Go to any Petroleum...
Posted 09/18/06 16:10 PST
How Big a Dish do I need?
 Not for Satellite TV, but regular TV. Our Cable got cut off...
Posted 09/18/06 16:08 PST
Airflow / pressure question
To get the right answer, you need more numbers. Pipe size, materi...
Posted 07/13/06 23:20 PST
Converting BTU rating to a CFM capacity
Is there a way to convert... The BTU rating of a window air condi...
Posted 07/13/06 23:02 PST
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