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converting factors into percent and Payment calculation in Advanc...
If the bank gives factors for each of the 3 years, one can calcul...
Posted 10/09/00 12:04 PST
converting factors into percent and Payment calculation in Advanc...
I think some of the confusion has to do with when the first payme...
Posted 10/09/00 11:35 PST
flow of electricity
Hi Nacho976, On the face of it, it is a simple question, but f...
Posted 07/20/00 16:14 PST
class A and D amplifiers
An amplifier with a "Class A" output stage dissipates power even ...
Posted 06/28/00 15:02 PST
Converting units of Torr to Kpa
You can use eFunda's unit converter to answer this question: C...
Posted 06/13/00 11:05 PST
Permutation & Combination, Mathematics
I'm not sure what you mean by "elaborate description", but the f...
Posted 06/09/00 12:54 PST
IZOD Units, kJ/m^2 to ft-lb/in
Hi ntreder, I looked at Ticona's website and noticed that the...
Posted 06/02/00 16:22 PST
Mr. Campeador: What kind of encoder are you referring to? O...
Posted 03/30/00 10:52 PST
Hi logman, I know i've forgotten a lot from my mechanical engi...
Posted 03/17/00 14:15 PST
Whenever i try to do conversions like this, i like to break it do...
Posted 03/17/00 14:07 PST
Digital Electronics-three questions.
Hi Bob, I'm still working on questions 1 & 2, but i thought i'...
Posted 03/06/00 14:38 PST
digital electronics
Hi asif72, Your question is quite broad, but hopefully i can g...
Posted 03/06/00 10:51 PST
DC battery operated vehicle
Hi Bill, Can you use 2 DC Motors? If so, then you can turn th...
Posted 02/10/00 11:26 PST
Feet per mile
There are 5280 feet in a mile or 1760 yards. You can find this t...
Posted 02/09/00 14:12 PST
Wow! 42 HP! I'm rather interested in human performance and the b...
Posted 02/07/00 15:27 PST
material properties
I found the answers to your 2 of your questions right here on eFu...
Posted 01/24/00 19:02 PST
1 g/mL at 4 degrees C under 1 atm pressure.
Posted 01/24/00 18:57 PST
Coal Gasification Process
Oops, posted too soon. I followed the link to Encyclopaedia Brit...
Posted 01/24/00 16:07 PST
Coal Gasification Process
I saw your message and was curious as to what coal gasification w...
Posted 01/24/00 15:56 PST
radiation teaser
Thanks for your response. I think i understand the example much ...
Posted 01/05/00 09:03 PST

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