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Basic Information
UserName: ddelaiar
Name: Dan DeLaiarro
Location: Long Beach, NY
Occupation Mechanical Design Engineer
Specialty: Machine and injection molding design
Profile Summary
I'm a mechanical design engineer with a medical device manfucturing company located on Long Island, NY. I am in charge of any and all mechanical designs that come through the company.
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Integral Help
mchalom - thanks so much for your reply. And, the way I wrote th...
Posted 07/15/04 10:30 PST
Integral Help
I'm using a proximity sensor in a project and need to figure out ...
Posted 07/12/04 10:03 PST
Efunda, I have an idea for you guys.
Travis, I didn't mean to step on your toes and get you offended. ...
Posted 05/26/04 08:10 PST
Efunda, I have an idea for you guys.
While in theory, I think this is a good idea, I really hope this ...
Posted 05/25/04 09:13 PST
Beam calculation help...
The extremely simple way to do approach this problem is to attack...
Posted 04/13/04 09:28 PST
Knurled vs plain heads on soc head cap screws
The only one I can think of is that a knurled one may be able to ...
Posted 12/16/03 14:09 PST
Poor Drafting Practices
joeboggs said: You have hit my HOT button. As an official old...
Posted 09/22/03 09:58 PST
Selecting a Motor
Thanks for the help. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on...
Posted 09/19/03 09:44 PST
Selecting a Motor
OK, so I'm going on a second interview today and I kind of got st...
Posted 09/18/03 08:28 PST
Poor Drafting Practices
I could go on and on and on about this! My first job was at a ma...
Posted 09/09/03 06:05 PST
Job Hunting Difficulties
gerdb said: I am curious to see where this rampant stupidity all...
Posted 07/30/03 08:04 PST
Job Hunting Difficulties
gerbd - an aerospace guy on LI? Are you a Grumman guy? Actually...
Posted 07/29/03 05:08 PST
Job Hunting Difficulties
I think I may be in the worst of predicaments. I'm about 2 years...
Posted 07/28/03 12:38 PST
Product Packaging??
Thanks Chris... I'll look into that site. The "sexy" verbage ...
Posted 03/18/03 09:29 PST
Product Packaging??
We're lookingto bring a product line to market and want to packag...
Posted 03/13/03 10:09 PST
Modern Manufacturing and Engineering Selection of Materials and A...
Silverio, When I was an undergrad, I took a course similar to ...
Posted 03/12/03 07:34 PST
Engineering vs. Sales
definitely the exception to the rule!
Posted 02/27/03 04:53 PST
Engineering vs. Sales
Wise advice from someone who's been there and done that. I guess...
Posted 02/26/03 10:46 PST
Engineering vs. Sales
Here's an interesting dilema I ran into earlier this week: The...
Posted 02/26/03 10:04 PST
PEM Sizes, etc
I got a print from a vendor and I just don't understand it. I me...
Posted 02/14/03 12:57 PST
Intricate Plastic Part Prototyping
I have gotten quotes from people online that do this kind of stuf...
Posted 02/12/03 10:36 PST
Press Fit Pressure
It all makes sense now...thanks. By the way, I did pick up on ...
Posted 02/07/03 12:55 PST
Press Fit Pressure
hmmm...good deal. That's a bit more torque than I was anticipati...
Posted 02/07/03 11:59 PST
Press Fit Pressure
Thanks for all the help Neil, I sat down with a large cup of c...
Posted 02/07/03 09:05 PST
Press Fit Pressure
Neil, I'm also having trouble assuring myself of what to do once...
Posted 02/07/03 07:37 PST
Press Fit Pressure
Neil, I finally got around to trying to digest this. Everything...
Posted 02/07/03 06:35 PST
Press Fit Pressure
thanks for the response. The reason I went with a press fit is b...
Posted 02/05/03 09:59 PST
Press Fit Pressure
wow neil, That was great. It looks like exactly what I'm lookin...
Posted 01/31/03 15:03 PST
Press Fit Pressure
Neil, thanks for the reply. Perhaps the way I stated the problem...
Posted 01/31/03 10:24 PST
Press Fit Pressure
So, I have a design that has a tube press fit inside a head. The...
Posted 01/30/03 09:43 PST
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