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can a 2A bolt be used with a 3b nut
No problem, you canmix and match classes for nuts and bolts - the...
Posted 05/20/17 18:53 PST
Impact strength
 Your units are not consistent.  First of all, a kg is&...
Posted 04/17/15 20:39 PST
Euler's theory
Yes, sure; it applies to all materials that are elastic, includin...
Posted 03/21/15 19:20 PST
fully clamped plate centrally loaded
Best source is Roark and Young, Formulas for Stress and Strain, 5...
Posted 07/01/14 11:52 PST
fully clamped plate centrally loaded
If you mean a central concentrated load the equation is   ...
Posted 06/24/14 08:05 PST
Simply supported beam calculation
Yes, I agree.  For the reactions to be equal the distributed...
Posted 05/19/14 14:06 PST
Composite Materials
GRE consists of glass fibers in an epoxy matrtix GRP consists of...
Posted 04/04/13 19:59 PST
stress concetration factor (SCF)
The relation is   K = 1 + q(Kt-1)     ...
Posted 09/06/12 10:27 PST
Does anyone know of the required pin engagement depth for a steel...
Posted 08/15/12 11:49 PST
How much force to bend 3mm x 15mm 80,000psi steel.
You need to klnow the length to determine this and even then at 9...
Posted 05/02/12 11:57 PST
Moment of Inertia
Yes, it is.   In your case I(a) is inertia of C section an...
Posted 05/01/12 09:45 PST
Moment of Inertia
You need to calculate the inertia of the plate and inertia of the...
Posted 04/20/12 09:56 PST
mechanical resonance mechanical spring mass forced by
Not sure of your question - is not the answer the same as your qu...
Posted 02/24/12 09:56 PST
Danger in using full threaded screw in place of partial thread?
Are these screws  that go thru a clearance hole and then&nbs...
Posted 08/30/11 13:32 PST
Thread Dimensioning
The thread length per NAS standards is measured to the bottom of ...
Posted 07/26/11 20:03 PST
I beam Rating
That sounds about right.  For a simple support beam 25 feet ...
Posted 04/11/11 07:33 PST
Stress relieving of aluminum weld mount
Typical stress relief is done between 200F and 400F.  If you...
Posted 03/24/11 13:12 PST
Stress relieving of aluminum weld mount
Question: If the part was warped after welding and you went to 20...
Posted 03/23/11 12:50 PST
Stress relieving of aluminum weld mount
Stress relief requires both time and temperature so maybe it was ...
Posted 03/22/11 19:00 PST
Stress relieving of aluminum weld mount
After welding 6061-T6, temper will drop to T4 within one inch of ...
Posted 03/22/11 11:55 PST
Tensile strength
Tensile strength is measured by a tensile testing machine with&nb...
Posted 01/24/11 08:06 PST
natural frequency
For a single degree of freedom, frequency is 3.13/sqrt deflection...
Posted 01/13/11 06:44 PST
natural frequency
The equation you mention is close( 3.13/sqrt deflection) - i...
Posted 01/09/11 18:43 PST
Material Properties
You can get technical data ( strength, etc.) from
Posted 12/07/10 10:15 PST
Bolt load difference between col and hot
Sure, it is rather straightforward. It can be simplified by assu...
Posted 12/01/10 18:27 PST
M3 x 0.5 Nut internal diameters?
According to the Machinery's handbook, the minor diameter externa...
Posted 11/11/10 09:36 PST
Window for pressurized chamber made from laminated glass?
No problem, happy to respond any time. Glass is VERY strong with...
Posted 11/11/10 07:37 PST
Window for pressurized chamber made from laminated glass?
  it would take moree space than these boards can print to ...
Posted 11/10/10 10:28 PST
Window for pressurized chamber made from laminated glass?
Usually our windows are circular not rectangular. And we opearte ...
Posted 11/08/10 13:21 PST
Steel Mechanical properties.
I believe that would be in the process of manufacturing the ...
Posted 11/02/10 09:38 PST
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