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Basic Information
UserName: dora
Name: Doraemon
Location: San Jose, CA, USA
Occupation Acting Assistant Associate Deputy Junior Engineering Intern, i.e., Peon.
Specialty: Whatever big shots don't want to do and foo-foo engineers can't do.
Profile Summary
A recycled software engineer, a pre-seasoned mechanical engineer, and a run-away civil engineer.
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Bessel function
Hellow there, For Bessel function:
Posted 08/27/04 11:15 PST
Fibres increase strength of a composite
Would it be a QA problem? Shells under compression are more fl...
Posted 03/04/04 15:06 PST
USB2.0 Versus "FireWire" - What's the difference???
Hello mpcltrans, You said everything right on them. Most of...
Posted 03/13/02 22:03 PST
Pure Bending
Hello Wizard_21, A short answer to your question is YES. T...
Posted 10/15/01 12:01 PST
Modulus of Elasticity for Concrete
Hello rlwong, About 18 - 30 GPa and its ultimate strength is 1...
Posted 07/09/01 12:25 PST
Hyperbolic function integration
It looks very Ellipticish. Unfortunately, elliptic integrals can ...
Posted 06/07/01 11:31 PST
Conversion data
Hello Stayur, Your questions are probably not well defined. ...
Posted 01/02/01 15:52 PST
Psi strength in concrete
Hi Zorba, Compression strength (psi, pound per square inch) is...
Posted 10/18/00 12:05 PST
metric conversions
Hello metrimind, 4 c.c. (cubic centimeter) is about 0.8 teaspo...
Posted 08/30/00 17:26 PST
Hello buddhasin, The first thing comes to my mind is piezo mat...
Posted 08/22/00 13:13 PST
Numerical integration
Hello aswani, What a surprise that Gaussian Quadrature is less...
Posted 08/22/00 11:15 PST
Hello j_ravikant, I must say that I do not fully understand yo...
Posted 08/22/00 11:06 PST
Extruded latex:Schwartz value
Hello geoffleece, The Schwarts value does not on the common ru...
Posted 08/17/00 11:48 PST
complex frequency, laplace transforms time domain into complex fr...
Hello gkthakur, Frequency, w, itself should be non-negative re...
Posted 08/15/00 15:59 PST
Plastic plate, under constant pressure, clamped edges
Hello robertran, a)In plastic, engineers usually use secant mo...
Posted 08/15/00 12:21 PST
Torsional stress in a hexagon torsion bar
Hello Olba, It seems to me that the question is about the pola...
Posted 08/15/00 11:01 PST
Uncharted territory in eFunda: Rate, Comment, Suggest Books
To all frequent visiters: Do you guys find a new link in eFund...
Posted 07/31/00 12:19 PST
Acoustic Fatigue
Hi gbaxter, From the Properties of Logarithmic Functions, one ...
Posted 07/25/00 15:24 PST
Tensile Testing Machine, sources?
Hi yasser, MTS and Instron are two brand name material testing...
Posted 07/25/00 14:27 PST
Relation between the R.P.M. given And density of P.C.P.concrete
Hi Endy, This is a very interesting question, I have never ser...
Posted 07/24/00 16:23 PST
fourier transforms
Based on the fact that an impulse (delta function) in the time do...
Posted 06/22/00 19:00 PST
IZOD Units, kJ/m^2 to ft-lb/in
First of all, the unit kJ/m^2 and ft-lb/in are in DIFFERENT dimen...
Posted 06/01/00 19:46 PST
Prestressed Concrete Pressure Pipes
Hi Endy, Per your specification, the length of wire vary as f...
Posted 05/31/00 13:27 PST
colour blindness
Color blindness gene locates at the 23rd pair of chromosomes, the...
Posted 05/10/00 12:04 PST
Strain gauges
Strain gages are based on the electrical resistance of the wire i...
Posted 05/01/00 19:15 PST
DESIGNED PARAMETERS, for concrete vs performance parameters
Concrete contains components that are NOT as homogeneous as in me...
Posted 04/28/00 17:26 PST
Well, I must say that a SS beam with uniform load is kind of slop...
Posted 04/14/00 10:49 PST
Maybe we can look at the problem as a 100 ft long, 24 ft wide, an...
Posted 04/13/00 15:40 PST
Hi Endy, Based on the limited information: the cracks locates ...
Posted 04/11/00 15:42 PST
stress concentration in round shafts
You are right. Theoretically, the smoother the transition, the sm...
Posted 04/05/00 16:11 PST
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