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Basic Information
UserName: dr funda
Name: Dr. Funda
Location: Sunnyvale, CA, USA
Occupation Engineering Consultant
Specialty: Mechanical Engineering
Profile Summary
Dr. Funda's mission is to aid in the creation of an online destination for the engineering community, where working professionals can quickly find a variety of information to solve complex design problems.

Posts by dr funda
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Moment of Inertia of a Trapezoid - - Efunda formula seems incorre...
Hello Gordon, It appears that your definition of Iy is different...
Posted 03/13/13 19:40 PST
How do I cancel my membership?
Hello Jay, Your membership had been cancelled since 6/13/20...
Posted 01/17/13 16:07 PST
C(r) in Loan Calculator
Hello, We are sorry for the confusion. The little 'r' is not a s...
Posted 10/29/11 12:18 PST
Error in distilled water properties at 4 C
Good call. We have double-checked the number and it is indeed mis...
Posted 05/25/11 11:42 PST
tapered beam deflection
First and foremost, we need to verify that the beam is long enoug...
Posted 06/09/10 11:56 PST
Beam online calculations
Dear Koanguy, From your descrlption, it does not seem that your ...
Posted 10/04/09 16:54 PST
Steel column stress calculation
Dear Simon, Per your effective column length (1.5m) and radius o...
Posted 10/04/09 16:41 PST
Steel column stress calculation
Dear Engracadinha, It appeas that the following is the calculato...
Posted 10/03/09 18:07 PST
Flexural modulus??
Hello, For homogeneous and isotropic materials, please use this l...
Posted 02/10/09 11:40 PST
IZOD Units, kJ/m^2 to ft-lb/in
Ok, if you really want to be scientific about the clamp, you coul...
Posted 01/23/09 11:34 PST
IZOD Units, kJ/m^2 to ft-lb/in
Hello,To build a testing apparatus per ASTM D256 specs, you will ...
Posted 01/22/09 11:19 PST
IZOD Units, kJ/m^2 to ft-lb/in
Hello,Yes, mathematically, J/m gives you Newton. But IZOD impact ...
Posted 01/21/09 11:42 PST
Yes it is. Normally we would take down blatant ads but this one i...
Posted 06/16/08 20:42 PST
APR calculation in Perl
Hello,The reason you have a slightly diffferent answer is that yo...
Posted 05/29/08 10:58 PST
The web-based orifice calculator seems to have an error
Well, didn't get the email. Could you please send it again to ser...
Posted 03/26/08 22:26 PST
The web-based orifice calculator seems to have an error
Dear Gymnast,Could you please post your complete input values? We...
Posted 03/24/08 10:42 PST
Can I put a picture in a post?
Did you send the pictures to us? I don't seem to have received th...
Posted 08/06/07 11:19 PST
Can I put a picture in a post?
Currently the image upload function is disabled in the forum for ...
Posted 07/26/07 11:38 PST
Shigley Columns with Eccentric Loading
The diagrams have been updated.
Posted 07/25/07 13:54 PST
Shigley Columns with Eccentric Loading
Hello,The schematic on the eccentric axial load is wrong, and we ...
Posted 07/25/07 10:38 PST
look at those Nasa pictures:
Hi Gerdb,We really appreciate your long-time support of this foru...
Posted 06/29/07 16:03 PST
to upgrade our forum
Ok, we hear you. Let's see what we can do.
Posted 06/13/07 00:43 PST
Important Forum information
Yes we are listening. We have not experienced any decline in gene...
Posted 03/19/07 11:11 PST
Dear Dave,Unless this is a trick question, the answers are (assum...
Posted 11/17/06 15:57 PST
Axially loaded leaf spring
I think this is the page you are looking for. It's under "cu...
Posted 05/17/06 23:13 PST
Thin plate deflection calculation
Bobd,For small deflections you may use our online calculator in t...
Posted 05/01/06 13:58 PST
rigid body dynamics?
sdoughty11,If my posts gave anyone the idea that that kinematics ...
Posted 04/29/06 16:37 PST
rigid body dynamics?
>>> So would it be safe to say that the contents of this...
Posted 04/23/06 15:17 PST
rigid body dynamics?
Hello,Unfortunately, the answer is a big YES. Solving dynamics pr...
Posted 04/23/06 15:05 PST
rigid body dynamics?
Hello,If we understand you right, you are looking for a library o...
Posted 04/23/06 14:46 PST
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