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Solidworks 2005 Questions
When you make changes to the document settings you must save the ...
Posted 01/28/05 12:52 PST
measuring electric wire temperature?
I didn't know if the current passing through the wires i'm trying...
Posted 09/24/03 12:22 PST
measuring electric wire temperature?
Is there a method commonly used to measure the temperature of a w...
Posted 09/24/03 10:48 PST
Modified Go-kart
Let me get this straight, you're using an automobile as a platfor...
Posted 08/21/03 06:02 PST
PE Exam: Why the 3 PE references?
PE is a Professional Engineer...which is a certification you can ...
Posted 08/20/03 06:49 PST
power grids and reliability.
I'm don't know much about the power grid structure, but I believe...
Posted 08/15/03 09:28 PST
Microsoft Excel is WRONG!!! Beware...
MS Excel is not designed as an engineering tool. In many cases i...
Posted 08/06/03 11:18 PST
aluminum vs. steel in brake disc
i am involved with a racing program in which we currently use a h...
Posted 07/02/03 07:00 PST

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