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Basic Information
UserName: engware
Name: Gordan Feric
Location: Germantown, MD, USA
Occupation Mechanical Engineer
Specialty: Energy Conversion and Digital Energy
Profile Summary
Areas of Interest and Expertise:

Professional engineer dealing with the following engineering areas: analytical and computer modeling, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, physical properties, energy conversion systems, digital energy etc.
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Energy stored in Diesel and Natural Gas
How about if one compares the fuels based upon HHV!? Therefore, ...
Posted 06/30/09 23:37 PST
Hi there:Here is a URL containing a free MS Excel spreadsheet tha...
Posted 01/26/08 20:55 PST
Is bio fuels a best option......
Hi there:In my opinion, bio-fules is a good option on the way tow...
Posted 06/12/07 08:13 PST
thermodynamic calculations
Hi there:When you get a chance, check out the Engineering Softwar...
Posted 03/12/07 13:11 PST
IC Engine Compression ratio
Hi there:Check out the following URL:
Posted 12/12/06 12:15 PST
Pressure gauge
Hi there:I would suggest to check out the operating instructions ...
Posted 12/12/06 12:10 PST
Professional Licensure Preparation (PE Exam)
Hi there:One really needs to be ready for the exam in order to be...
Posted 09/25/06 20:51 PST
Understanding Engineers
Hi GerdB:I like it -- it does sound OK from an engineering p...
Posted 06/05/06 11:56 PST
what is the difference between a fan and a blower?
To All:I agree with everythind said and discussed so far.I w...
Posted 04/23/06 15:25 PST
air as a fuel
Hi there:As fas as I know, air does not have any high concentrati...
Posted 04/23/06 11:25 PST
convert Pressure to flow
Hi there: Check out the following calculator:http...
Posted 01/26/06 13:38 PST
energy required to compress air
Hi there:For perfect gas and for isentropic compression: T2/...
Posted 01/06/06 10:44 PST
EIT Name
Congratulation!Yes, you are entitled to do so -- you earned it th...
Posted 01/02/06 18:27 PST
Generation of electricity using wind for industrial use
Hi Vidyanaath:It is a good idea.  However, you must be caref...
Posted 12/20/05 10:15 PST
Flue Gas Generation from Fuel Combustion
Milton:Check out where you can fin...
Posted 12/06/05 06:21 PST
Hi there:Check out to find some fr...
Posted 12/06/05 04:03 PST
Equations for choked flow of gases
Milton:Check out to find out how t...
Posted 12/06/05 04:01 PST
Energy Mass Balance
Hi Jon: I do know that it has been a while since you posted th...
Posted 01/28/02 10:58 PST
Hi Akumalla: Check out Engineering Software at: http://members...
Posted 07/18/01 11:38 PST
Energy Conversion: non-conventional energy systems
Silverio: Check out the Engineering Software web site -- http:...
Posted 07/04/01 19:56 PST
Explain to a 10 Year old what a Mega Watt is.
Hi Barron: I do apologize for getting the names mixed up. G...
Posted 06/19/01 08:20 PST
Explain to a 10 Year old what a Mega Watt is.
Hi Schultheis: Let me try to help you out with your question. ...
Posted 06/19/01 08:09 PST
Hi Lahat: If you would provide me with a chemical composition,...
Posted 05/17/01 15:59 PST
Solar energy...
Hi Akarthik: I would suggest that you go a search engine and d...
Posted 05/17/01 15:57 PST
fuel cell reformer
Hi Afshin: Check out the following US DOE web site: http://ww...
Posted 04/29/01 06:26 PST
fuel cell reformer
Hi Afshin: Check out the following US SOE web site: http://ww...
Posted 04/29/01 06:25 PST
Thermodynamic Properties for NH3 and R134a
Hi Aimatti: Check out Engineering Software at http://members.a...
Posted 04/18/01 17:51 PST
Fuel cell
Hi Kedar: Check out the U.S. DOE site related to Fuel Cells at...
Posted 04/18/01 17:46 PST
Heat Capacity
Hi there: For NaCl (S) at 298 [K] c = 0.864 [kJ/K*kg] Go...
Posted 03/27/01 18:35 PST
In order to get a feeling for numeric values such as output tempe...
Posted 03/17/01 19:03 PST
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