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Basic Information
UserName: francis
Name: Francis Marcel Pierre L'Esperance
Location: Sunnyvale, CA USA
Occupation Mechanical Engineer, Art Director
Specialty: CAD, Machine Design, Free-Hand Illustration
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What is the salary range in Silicon Valley for an ME with 12 year...
Hello eFunda-land: I have a quick salary question: What is ...
Posted 02/18/03 16:30 PST
attachment of two large plastic parts
Thanks Dr. Funda !! I will get back to you on what avenue I ...
Posted 02/12/01 08:33 PST
attachment of two large plastic parts
Hello Dr. Funda: I am designing two large plastic parts whic...
Posted 02/09/01 18:48 PST
Looking for a good SolidWorks 2000 Tutorial
Hi mpcltrans: Solidworks is quite straightforward compared t...
Posted 12/28/00 19:27 PST
epicycilc gear train "FERGUSON'S PARADOX
Hello vira : That link posted in the last reply is also the be...
Posted 09/16/00 14:50 PST
how deep to hob a spur gear blank with a OD too big
Are you at all serious with this and your other question? Here...
Posted 09/16/00 11:51 PST
hobbing straight bevel gear
Are you at all serious with this and your other question? Here...
Posted 09/16/00 11:48 PST
Hello: Here? a great site concerning welding feed rate and cur...
Posted 09/16/00 10:58 PST
Flexible linkage
Hi Dan : You are correct in assuming that a U-joint won't work...
Posted 08/18/00 19:20 PST
melt flow index
Hi Kwaus : Melt flow index is used to determine how easily a...
Posted 08/18/00 19:08 PST
Plastic/Rubber Material for Handgrip
Hi Steve: Oral B toothbrushes with an elastomer grip use a co-...
Posted 08/17/00 12:01 PST
Fuel cells
There is a lot of fuel cell information on the web. Check out the...
Posted 08/15/00 10:12 PST
ship, designing
Ship design, better known as naval architecture, can be an esoter...
Posted 08/15/00 09:40 PST
Corrosion Zinc Plates Anodes
Hi Jugar: The ship hull will be protected as long as their i...
Posted 08/14/00 19:36 PST
NPT pipe threads Mechanical Desktop 4.0 with power pack
Are you sure that you want to create a tapered thread in your mod...
Posted 08/14/00 19:18 PST
anode protection, for ship:ratio of zinc plate weight/steel weigh...
Hi Jugar: The ship hull will be protected as long as their is ...
Posted 08/14/00 19:16 PST
power systems
Here are some websites on Flexible AC Transmission Systems : h...
Posted 08/14/00 17:31 PST
product specifications
Hi kperson54 : Product specifications typically depend upon th...
Posted 08/14/00 17:21 PST
mechanics of machine (spur gear)
Hello yun_jiun: A contact ratio of 1.6 means that one pair of ...
Posted 08/03/00 08:52 PST
leaf spring
Hello col: Leaf springs can be analyzed via standard beam bend...
Posted 08/02/00 23:16 PST
design of driveline
Hello: I am not sure of the specific area of driveline enginee...
Posted 07/24/00 10:29 PST
Experience in use of Vertical Labyrinth Compressors
Hello: Putting saturated gas through a compressor sounds quite...
Posted 07/24/00 09:56 PST
design, types of pumps
Hello dewiyanti: Pumps can be broadly categorized into two cla...
Posted 07/19/00 14:30 PST
glass transition temperature
The glass transition temperature for polymers is important since ...
Posted 07/11/00 15:40 PST
Why wait before restarting air coolers (swamp coolers)?
Hi watermilk: The wait before re-start may be just a standard ...
Posted 07/07/00 14:13 PST
ball bearings & roller bearings
Hello vru: Ball bearings, because of their high volume and low...
Posted 06/20/00 12:48 PST
springs, helical compression that is
Hello d muntges (kundane) : For springs made from traditional ...
Posted 06/16/00 19:12 PST
Off-Road Shock: Coil Bind
Hello desertracer: Dual rate springs of this sort depend upon ...
Posted 06/16/00 19:00 PST
negator spring design
Hello cmlj: Negator springs operate based on the fact that the...
Posted 06/11/00 22:16 PST
selection of rolling contact brg.
I am not sure about how extensive an explanation of rolling-conta...
Posted 06/09/00 07:53 PST
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