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Basic Information
UserName: gan_raj3
Name: Ganaraj
Location: Bangalore
Occupation Mechanical Engineer
Specialty: Design
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Posts by gan_raj3
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Tolerance stackup analysis
Thank you Dev..
Posted 06/23/10 01:32 PST
Doubt in Drawing(mechanical)
Actually the sketch entity is looking morethan 15 degrees in the ...
Posted 05/08/07 18:31 PST
Doubt in Drawing(mechanical)
I got the answer ............its to indicate that the dimension g...
Posted 05/07/07 19:03 PST
Doubt in Drawing(mechanical)
___15º  This is how it looks.(15 degrees overwhich...
Posted 05/04/07 06:56 PST
Smart Materials
Search in google or wikipedia . You will find lot of articles on ...
Posted 05/02/07 05:36 PST
Doubt in mechanical drawing
This is how it looks
Posted 05/02/07 05:30 PST
Doubt in mechanical drawing
___15º  This is how it looks.(15 degrees overwhich...
Posted 05/02/07 05:28 PST
Doubt in mechanical drawing
 Can any body tell me what this means in a drawing (15 degre...
Posted 04/27/07 09:17 PST
Tolerance stackup analysis
Hello all,Can anybody tell me what is Tolerance stackup analysis ...
Posted 04/11/07 01:36 PST
runout 2
when we use circular runout and total runout ? i.e the aplication...
Posted 12/12/06 17:41 PST
Thank you verymuch Tim...RegardsGanaraj
Posted 12/12/06 17:38 PST
What is the use of runout ?What is the difference between circula...
Posted 12/10/06 17:25 PST
Geometrical Dimensioning and tolerancing
Can any body tell me what is Geometrical Dimensioning and toleran...
Posted 12/04/06 18:02 PST
I want to know Why GD & T is used? What is main purpose of GD...
Posted 11/10/06 23:19 PST

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