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Basic Information
UserName: gbynum
Name: George W Bynum
Location: Greenville SC, USA
Occupation Sales Engineer
Specialty: Fluid power & electrohydraulics
Profile Summary
I sell components, design systems, and support startup of more involved applications. I provide support to others on more technical aspects of fluid power.

Posts by gbynum
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Piston seal o-rings make shaft stick
In industrial hydraulics where zero leak is important, we use "gl...
Posted 09/02/11 12:47 PST
Piston seal o-rings make shaft stick
PTFE o-rings may not be good as it "cold-flows" and will get pret...
Posted 09/02/11 12:14 PST
Filling a cylinder with water without letting the air out.
blueshift has it right, I believe, with his "The air pressure is ...
Posted 09/02/11 11:54 PST
Danger in using full threaded screw in place of partial thread?
I'm ASSUMING full threading vs. half threading is a length of thr...
Posted 09/02/11 11:32 PST
Piston seal o-rings make shaft stick
You have some good direction from previous answers, but to add to...
Posted 09/02/11 11:12 PST
Compound pressure transducer
gerdb, I am NOT advertising ... I don't have one but really figur...
Posted 09/01/10 16:29 PST
Compound pressure transducer
I work in industrial hydraulics.  It is common in troublesho...
Posted 08/29/10 09:43 PST
Permeation of gasses through elastomers
We are all aware of the arguments supporting the use of nitrogen ...
Posted 09/16/08 11:23 PST
Pre-hard machinable steel with highest compressive yield strength
A little more information would be helpful.  EDM (electric d...
Posted 07/11/08 19:19 PST
What threadform is this ?
I don't know the resolution of your measurement which you give as...
Posted 05/24/08 03:26 PST
boiler pressure test using compress air
Dave's answer on water is correct in my opinion, but it is normal...
Posted 05/11/08 12:15 PST
Electrical compressor wanted, low flow, to around 400 bar
I guess I assumed too much.  The 400W implies that 2 SCFM is...
Posted 05/06/08 10:29 PST
Electrical compressor wanted, low flow, to around 400 bar
I frequently charge accumulators, normally directly from a nitrog...
Posted 05/02/08 12:23 PST
Your motor is a single voltage motor.  Whether it is designe...
Posted 04/21/08 07:57 PST
Good gauge for 100lb propane tank?
If your gauge is measureing pressure of the propane and is outdoo...
Posted 04/21/08 07:38 PST
solenoid valves
You have 2 good responses, but I'd like to add that the formulae ...
Posted 04/21/08 07:24 PST
Pressure gain and flow gain of spool valves
Pressure gain is the characteristic of changed flow due to change...
Posted 04/21/08 07:16 PST
Hydraulic tube 38x4 bend dimension tolerance
Parker addresses this, as I understand, strictly by mandrel recom...
Posted 09/26/07 08:27 PST
Hydraulic & Pneumatic Responsibility
I'm an ex-distributor technical support guy, but everyone in dist...
Posted 09/26/07 08:02 PST
Centrifugal Pump Issues
I ran into a strange problem after others had been troubleshootin...
Posted 08/27/07 08:12 PST
Thread rolling Rod Diameter
Machinery's Handbook suggests that trials myust be made as materi...
Posted 03/28/07 09:33 PST
advantage of reducing the pipe size before a control valve
It is not the advantage of reducing it at the valve, it is the ad...
Posted 01/22/07 13:08 PST
Bolt& Nuts
Cessna is correct in that bolt length has little effect on streng...
Posted 12/18/05 04:49 PST
Hydraulic speed restriction?
Your speed (frequency) will be low (assume 10m circumference, 5m/...
Posted 02/12/05 07:34 PST
bolted joint design
In my 2 or 3 years of tooling and fixture design (1980 timeframe)...
Posted 11/17/04 06:54 PST
5 ply cardboard
If your "5 ply" is what is commonly called "Tri-Wall" (a trademar...
Posted 11/17/04 06:47 PST
estimating HP of electric motor based on current draw.
OK, you've had lots of "answers" answering nothing. Regretfully...
Posted 07/27/04 20:14 PST
syringe drive delivery
Is it possible that some have smaller "inlet" sizes, and that you...
Posted 04/22/04 15:32 PST
Data capture and analysis methods
I use a system by Dataq ( and have been very satisf...
Posted 04/14/04 08:38 PST
I've always liked the Oildyne products, bought by Parker in 2001 ...
Posted 04/02/04 20:24 PST
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