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Its more than marketing - its science. There are numerous course...
Posted 04/20/01 10:47 PST
One problem I see is the amount of force required. If I understa...
Posted 03/29/01 12:57 PST
Analogous Systems
The best modeling text I found is by Robert Woods called somethin...
Posted 03/12/01 14:03 PST
When the A/C is not running, there is only parasitic bearing fric...
Posted 03/09/01 07:45 PST
two-stroke radial engine design
Sorry I can't help with a true closed form solution for the degre...
Posted 03/08/01 10:11 PST
I'd use an energy method. Knowing the initial velocity of the ma...
Posted 01/04/01 09:54 PST
Knocking is caused by too much spark advance. These other explan...
Posted 12/21/00 16:52 PST
Internal Combustion Motors with injection System
All the things the previous posters replied with are correct but ...
Posted 12/11/00 09:04 PST
Acceleration and radius of tires
Referring to the last post - if the radius decreases, then the tr...
Posted 09/14/00 10:15 PST
Acceleration and radius of tires
The driveline puts out x amount of torque. That torque is applie...
Posted 09/12/00 11:32 PST
Working of a car
The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round ...
Posted 09/11/00 17:09 PST
LPG as an alternative to unleaded fuel
Fuel storage is not the only problem. The amount of energy per k...
Posted 09/06/00 08:58 PST
Construction of Catalytic converter
Catalytic converters are composed of a stainless stell shell with...
Posted 09/06/00 08:52 PST
The silencer answer was posted previously - look it up. The diff...
Posted 08/03/00 07:39 PST
multi point fuel injection
I think you have it wrong Doc Funda. Sorry to point it out. MPF...
Posted 07/31/00 10:04 PST
Hydraulic forces expressed in metric daN
A kPa is a kilo-Newton per square meter (kN/m2) so use area in sq...
Posted 07/19/00 14:03 PST
Not to sound trite, but I feel your pain. I too have had problem...
Posted 07/05/00 14:25 PST
mpfi, Multi Point Fuel Injection
MPFI or Port Fuel Injection is the most common method of fuel inj...
Posted 06/27/00 09:09 PST
Shock attenuation
I was wondering if this is correct approach: I have a box within...
Posted 06/20/00 13:10 PST
Valve Retainer
A conventional valvetrain consists of a camshaft, lifter, pushrod...
Posted 06/13/00 12:07 PST
hiding from radars?
Art is right about radar evasion at low altitude but the acquisit...
Posted 05/08/00 12:11 PST
Discrete low-pass filter
Hello, I am gathering data at a 10kHz rate and it has a noise co...
Posted 05/03/00 17:49 PST
design standards for vibration isolation in automobiles
Try checking the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) we...
Posted 04/28/00 15:58 PST

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