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Basic Information
UserName: gearloose
Name: Lee Gearhart
Location: East Aurora, NY
Occupation Metallurgical Engineer
Specialty: Using metals
Profile Summary
Active in the field since '76, I've presented papers, taught courses, and seen more failure analyses than I can recall. PE since '85. Usually more loquacious.
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Label Question: is cold working the same as work hardening?
Hi Bluepiece-  I've used "cold working" and "work hardening"...
Posted 08/28/18 19:39 PST
Austenite state - soft or hard
Sorry about the delay in responding!  Been away...   ...
Posted 03/27/14 13:13 PST
Steel Mechanical properties.
Nobody is going to stop other people from jamming novels into com...
Posted 11/03/10 07:33 PST
Hi Dave!   I’d bet at least a peanut-butter-and-bana...
Posted 05/20/10 05:36 PST
Stainless Steel reaction to Aluminum in Salt Water
Steve, an anodized layer will certainly help, although you want t...
Posted 04/05/10 14:06 PST
Die Casting questions
They're certainly similar processes.  Yet die casting of met...
Posted 03/08/10 19:18 PST
help..tensile fracture behaviour on tempered steel
No, I would not expect a quench delay to be the cause of the stra...
Posted 01/28/10 20:04 PST
help..tensile fracture behaviour on tempered steel
That is odd, and your confusion is understandable.  Where yo...
Posted 01/26/10 06:21 PST
lots of made up questions on the forum
Gerdb, I don't think they're made up.  Perhaps a few are hom...
Posted 05/01/09 20:19 PST
What is the best material for a measuring gauge master part?
I concur with the A2 and O1 suggestions, but if you're thinking o...
Posted 05/01/09 20:15 PST
Easy One for all you Draftsmen: Mechanical Drawing Interpretation
I agree with Twirly- if at all possible, check with your customer...
Posted 02/26/09 18:02 PST
strength vs young's modulus
I’m not sure we’re talking about the same things.&nbs...
Posted 11/25/08 13:25 PST
strength vs young's modulus
Actually, little of the materials’ strength is explained by...
Posted 11/20/08 13:57 PST
Since there's no mention of it on ASSIST Quicksearch, and they wo...
Posted 10/28/08 16:00 PST
Nitriding steels
It does a couple of things.  It can increase hardenability, ...
Posted 09/05/08 14:30 PST
17-4 H1075 Fatigue
Yeah, you’ll find a lot more for the H1025 condition- altho...
Posted 08/11/08 13:19 PST
Actual difference between specifications ASTM A276-05 and ASTM A2...
My copy of ASTM A276-08 says that the one change between A276-05a...
Posted 08/11/08 13:03 PST
1045 shaft to 4340
Dr. D is right, of course, about the effect of section size. ...
Posted 05/12/08 18:55 PST
Unless you have a reason to stray from the most common varieties,...
Posted 04/30/08 20:04 PST
Heat treating 4340
Yes, that's certainly what you should expect.  See, these st...
Posted 04/07/08 19:45 PST
Black Anodising
Well, it all depends on what you mean by your terms.  If you...
Posted 03/11/08 17:11 PST
Equvalent Grade to 30CrNiMo8
OK, I'm confused.  Why not just ask for 30CrNiMo8?  You...
Posted 09/29/07 13:12 PST
Steel Grade
I'd suggest that you remember that steel compositions are merely ...
Posted 09/29/07 12:53 PST
Steel Grade
Hello Kibhav! The composition of steel alloy 4317, as listed...
Posted 09/28/07 07:46 PST
Mechanical P.E.: Get it for personal validation?
I, too, will parrot this chorus.  I've had my PE since '85, ...
Posted 09/26/07 13:55 PST
Lead tin copper Elotroplating problem
Versh, 95% of the time I've had this problem, it was due to lack ...
Posted 08/26/07 17:54 PST
Al 7075- t6 or Al 6061-T6
Yep- X-rays, whether done in an SEM using energy dispersive spect...
Posted 06/21/07 11:32 PST
Cold Extrusion and Cold Drawn......
In extrusion processes you are pushing the metal through a die, w...
Posted 03/09/07 10:08 PST
French material specs
(Climbs on the soapbox...)You're never going to find "equiva...
Posted 12/02/06 20:20 PST
Selection Criterias for Hardened and Pre-hardened Tool steel for ...
Gs, it depends on whether you want to do the heat treat hardening...
Posted 12/02/06 20:05 PST
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