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Phillips screwdriver specification on screw heads
Mechanical items get manufactured to specific tolerances. You ma...
Posted 02/21/11 07:05 PST
vaccum chamber design
I have seen a show where they sucked the air out of an oil drum, ...
Posted 02/21/11 06:39 PST
using the sun as a time portal for space ships
Why limit ourselves to the four time/space dimensions, when addi...
Posted 02/21/11 06:17 PST
click the link upper/left: (21 MB Quicktime). Don't click the pi...
Posted 02/13/11 01:59 PST
using the sun as a time portal for space ships
click the link upper/left: (21 MB Quicktime). Don't click the pi...
Posted 02/13/11 01:52 PST
cast iron piston ring fracture problem
Posted 10/05/10 19:27 PST
A36 Steel + Al 6061
Looks like you are in a marine environment.   Aluminum sho...
Posted 09/14/10 14:22 PST
Stress calculation
Posted 09/11/10 18:34 PST
Coiled Cable
Interesting to hear this is taking place.  Lots of products...
Posted 09/10/10 21:01 PST
Coiled Cable
Did you ever see a cable snap ? I did, and we had a moving crane...
Posted 09/09/10 22:54 PST
Coiled Cable
Some things you don't mess with. If you need a coiled cable, buy...
Posted 09/07/10 18:46 PST
Bolt Size
Bolt size is not important here as it is only 300 lbs.   M...
Posted 09/07/10 18:32 PST
Compound pressure transducer
Considering air is not homogenous, but comes in pressure bubbles ...
Posted 09/02/10 14:48 PST
Compound pressure transducer
no we don't....can we see yours ?  
Posted 08/30/10 15:24 PST
Plate Analysis
I would think that by making the supporting center beam a little ...
Posted 08/29/10 03:25 PST
fatigue in welded joints
There are to many variables in welding for you to proceed by tryi...
Posted 08/11/10 22:26 PST
hermetic seal by press fit?
Soldering is different from welding in that the solder spreads by...
Posted 08/06/10 21:39 PST
hermetic seal by press fit?
How thick is the wall of the manifold ? How thick is the wall of...
Posted 08/06/10 15:19 PST
How to make a crate mould with high speed performance?
Your Mandarin English is a lot better than my Mandarine Chinese a...
Posted 07/21/10 22:20 PST
Facing Density Problem
I suppose you are the kind of engineer who has not learned to ask...
Posted 07/06/10 01:56 PST
Facing Density Problem
You means specific gravity ?     1. Get a finite sam...
Posted 07/06/10 01:54 PST
Natural convection cooling of Enclosure with heat source
do it empirically:   1.  measure it periodically and ...
Posted 07/02/10 18:56 PST
a better and shorter method to solve an integral !?!
can you state the integral for us   or do you presume adva...
Posted 06/22/10 07:11 PST
Storage of High Speed Steel
Check with your doctor. If you are referring to the metal : &nb...
Posted 06/14/10 10:53 PST
What parameters are important in designing of an OIL seal? that all...............      
Posted 06/12/10 10:39 PST
We have the stainless steel series and the 414 grade would fit in...
Posted 05/22/10 22:37 PST
Stainless steel strip rolling angle calculation
Would spring steel do this for you ? I guess you would have to b...
Posted 04/01/10 08:30 PST
Stainless Steel reaction to Aluminum in Salt Water
I worked in anodizing and we had more than one set up with about...
Posted 03/23/10 18:03 PST
settin an electric event counter to zero
I have a mechanical electric  6 digit counter that has a num...
Posted 03/20/10 11:07 PST
HYDROGEN ICE reaction chain.
Would you like some fries with that ?   Volume expands wit...
Posted 03/09/10 05:12 PST
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