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Attn CAD gurus: advice on 2d -> 3d migration
I'm not sure if your directing your question at me, but... We ...
Posted 09/29/00 09:53 PST
Attn CAD gurus: advice on 2d -> 3d migration
Have you considered mid-level CAD packages like Solid Edge or Sol...
Posted 09/28/00 11:54 PST
Heat generation from friction
I'm trying to do a thermal analysis on two plates sliding against...
Posted 03/13/00 16:37 PST
PV value for delrin slide plate
I am trying to specify a low friction sheet material that will sl...
Posted 02/28/00 11:28 PST
Bending Stress in Pin
On a project I need to calculate the bending stress on a pin that...
Posted 01/26/00 07:41 PST

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