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Basic Information
UserName: gman535
Name: Christopher Dent
Location: Boston, MA
Occupation Military Intelligence Analyst
Specialty: Aerial Imagery
Profile Summary
I'm a Private First Class (E-2) in the Marine Corps Reserve. I strive every day for personal and professional excellence. I seek to achieve success in my endeavours regardless of the time or work required.
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Howdy! You're in luck! I am an absolute Windows Pinball junki...
Posted 08/25/03 19:52 PST
The Mazda rotary IC engine.
No, I haven't. But thats a good point. How difficult would it b...
Posted 06/30/03 08:06 PST
The Mazda rotary IC engine.
Hey, Does anyone know why the rotary engine that Mazda uses o...
Posted 06/29/03 09:54 PST
AutoCAD vs. ProEng.
Actually, I am very pleased with where this thread is going. All...
Posted 11/28/02 14:56 PST
AutoCAD vs. ProEng.
Thanks, I appreciate the offer. I'll see if I can bug the right ...
Posted 11/22/02 22:25 PST
AutoCAD vs. ProEng.
dang, I spelled elementary wrong.....
Posted 11/22/02 22:23 PST
AutoCAD vs. ProEng.
Its good to know there are options available. I haven't seen Sol...
Posted 11/22/02 22:23 PST
AutoCAD vs. ProEng.
Thanks for the links and info Roland. I appreciate the feedback ...
Posted 11/22/02 22:19 PST
AutoCAD vs. ProEng.
My college is in the process of converting from AutoCAD R14 to Pr...
Posted 11/18/02 22:19 PST

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