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Direct to the point on how to measure the temperature of a wire u...
Posted 10/01/03 13:52 PST
speed of centrifugal fans
If you are talking about the commercially available fans, in addi...
Posted 06/18/03 08:38 PST
Which computer company builds the best workstation???
I used to work at HP on Intel based high performance network serv...
Posted 10/16/01 08:20 PST
Which computer company builds the best workstation???
Celeron is not slower just because of the FSB; it doesn't have an...
Posted 10/15/01 12:34 PST
pressure required in order to flow a certain rate through a given...
In a nut shell: the equation on pressure drop for a well develope...
Posted 09/11/01 08:25 PST
Heatsink size calculation
thermal resistance is the inverse of the coefficient in front of ...
Posted 07/09/01 14:39 PST
Carbon Fiber Properties
Carbon fibre composite structures typically do not have isotropic...
Posted 07/09/01 14:34 PST
Heatsink size calculation
27W is a lot of heat to dissipate in a TO-220 package, besides he...
Posted 06/28/01 18:17 PST
Aluminum extrusion tool
For aspect ratios of 20 or 30, extrusion is not the ideal candida...
Posted 10/22/00 11:20 PST
Thermal resistance of bolted interface (aluminum, vacuum)
Dr. Seri Lee has published a lot of paper on this topic. I don't...
Posted 08/29/00 12:04 PST
Thermal conductivity, Aluminum and Copper
The units W/m-K and W/m-C are the same. Can you clarify what do ...
Posted 08/24/00 12:37 PST
Corrosion between aluminum and copper
You might want to plate the aluminum, such as nickel plating.
Posted 06/16/00 19:22 PST
Material Properites, FR-4
The thermal conductivity behavior of a composite material like PC...
Posted 06/08/00 16:39 PST
Skin/wall temperature calculations
If assuming the following, 1. Uniform surface temperatures on ...
Posted 05/30/00 18:47 PST
Energy question
If I understand your question correctly, that is why does water e...
Posted 05/24/00 10:15 PST
Fan selection for boilers and Pressure loss in ducting
The most obvious consideration is the airflow vs. pressure perfor...
Posted 05/21/00 15:36 PST
Software, heat transfer through composite walls
All most all of the thermal software out there can do composite w...
Posted 05/01/00 13:18 PST
simple heat transfer, time to reach equilibrium
Instead of the steady-state Newton's Law of Conduction, you need ...
Posted 05/01/00 13:02 PST
Thermal energy
The conversion is 1 Btu/hr-ft^2 = 3.154 W/m^2
Posted 03/02/00 07:21 PST
final year project (design of cross-flow plate type heat exchange...
The following reference is the bible for compact heat exchanger d...
Posted 02/28/00 21:38 PST
Strange unit found: U/min
Ebm is a very well know German fan/blower manufacturer. Its fans...
Posted 02/25/00 11:42 PST
Strange unit found: U/min
2800 sounds like an RPM number. Typical rotational speed for tub...
Posted 02/23/00 18:41 PST
Principle of impingment freezing
Hi Mr. Duong, You can reach me at
Posted 02/14/00 21:21 PST
Lanthanum Aluminate
Here is a manufacturer of lanthanum aluminate, Superconductive Co...
Posted 02/11/00 08:08 PST
Principle of impingment freezing
Impingement cooling is an effective way in providing localized co...
Posted 02/09/00 09:23 PST

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