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Basic Information
UserName: j_mates
Name: Jayson Mates
Location: Akron, Ohio
Occupation Engineer
Specialty: Product Design
Profile Summary
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Posts by j_mates
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"perfect" vacuum
Could somebody please remind me what value is considered to be a ...
Posted 01/24/01 12:55 PST
snap ring radial (gripping) force
I am trying to locate a definitive set of formulas to calculate t...
Posted 09/06/00 05:24 PST
plastic compounds - temperature capabilities
Hey Nick: Thanks much for the info! This should last me quite ...
Posted 07/14/00 13:50 PST
plastic compounds - temperature capabilities
EFunda staff and the masses: I am looking for a chart or other...
Posted 07/14/00 08:18 PST
Elastomer compound data - web based
To all: I am in need of comprehensive data (including definiti...
Posted 07/10/00 07:33 PST
Friction, running & breakout - linear, non-rotating for PTFE V-ri...
I am looking for a good reference source to calculate friction in...
Posted 05/08/00 13:31 PST
thermal stress relief
To the masses: I am looking for a concise (if possible) source...
Posted 05/03/00 12:47 PST
stress concentration in round shafts
I am looking for information pertaining to stress concentration i...
Posted 04/05/00 13:12 PST
German (?) "spline" standards
art2000 & E funda staff: Thanks to all !! Much appreciated. ...
Posted 04/05/00 10:12 PST
material analysis / physical properties
Do you have any recommendations as far as web sites or companies ...
Posted 04/04/00 13:27 PST
German (?) "spline" standards
I am trying to locate what I believe to be a German spline "stand...
Posted 04/04/00 13:07 PST

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