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Materials resonance
If you are talking about structural vibration, then the resonance...
Posted 12/09/03 14:39 PST
football propulsion
Actually, now that I look at it, the model with Fgroundfriction =...
Posted 12/08/03 16:12 PST
football propulsion
Dear p99..., In my previuos post, I was discussing American fo...
Posted 12/08/03 15:58 PST
Apex seal of a rotary engine
What does an apex seal of a rotary engine (of say a Mazda RX-7 ca...
Posted 12/05/03 20:39 PST
football propulsion
The horizontal distance an object propelled goes will depend prim...
Posted 12/05/03 20:34 PST
How do i figure this motion of a rolling wheel without slippage
Diana, You are perhaps off this topic by now, but you may stil...
Posted 06/06/02 16:29 PST
Flow rate through an annulus
For a simple circular cross section, the Poissueille Equation for...
Posted 06/01/01 14:57 PST
Vibration Theory
First, the natural frequencies of linear systems (the ones that a...
Posted 05/03/01 12:30 PST
Rotation as a vector
Dear eFunda Staff, Thanks for replying. But aren't vectors...
Posted 02/09/01 11:42 PST
Rotation as a vector
We know that a displacement is a vector. Is a rotation also a v...
Posted 02/08/01 15:45 PST
Rigid and Flexible Rotors
harrypm, Yes, you are right. It has do with the relation of th...
Posted 01/31/01 15:23 PST
iso 9000 revision
rorschach, I forgot to mention that my last post for meant for yo...
Posted 09/15/00 16:42 PST
iso 9000 revision
Well, it is curious that you say that ISO 9000 can impede the smo...
Posted 09/15/00 16:38 PST
epicycilc gear train "FERGUSON'S PARADOX
Go to and click on the ...
Posted 09/15/00 11:38 PST
Fundamental Fluid Problem
Etabong, In almost all common mathematical models of the physi...
Posted 09/15/00 09:09 PST
Calculating force of impact
moorhead, When you say you know the force required for your ...
Posted 09/15/00 08:41 PST
Calculating force of impact
Dear moorhead, Well, as the previous messages have indicated t...
Posted 09/15/00 08:32 PST
Acceleration and radius of tires
0.5Mr^2 is the rotational inertia of a cylinder about its axis. T...
Posted 09/14/00 15:53 PST
AUTOMOBILE, different size tires on tractors-Why?
If there is a problem with contact pressure, why don't the front ...
Posted 09/12/00 14:33 PST
Acceleration and radius of tires
The square root of the ratio of the rotational inertia of the ro...
Posted 09/12/00 14:14 PST

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