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Improved scavenging of exhaust gases in IC engines
Is the engine 2 stroke or 4 stroke?  Many 2 stroke motorcycl...
Posted 09/06/07 01:57 PST
Why am I always stressed?
I like to keep things simple.  My advice is to take off your...
Posted 02/06/07 08:42 PST
Alternatives to Cooling Towers
You might try going geo-thermal  with a closed loop ground s...
Posted 01/28/07 00:39 PST
AC motors and carbon brushes
Yes, the brushes will need to be mated or seated the way cessna d...
Posted 01/28/07 00:05 PST
HVAC question
Does anybody know the rule of thumb for calculating the size in t...
Posted 01/02/07 03:01 PST

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