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Preserving design intents
It sounds to me like you need to re-think your design intents.&nb...
Posted 08/26/08 17:36 PST
Rack and pinion steering
First, let me state my understanding of your arrangement. In the...
Posted 12/11/03 09:20 PST
planetary gears - torque transmission & efficiency
Anything I might tell you would be based on my best guess as to t...
Posted 10/01/03 09:22 PST
Durometer to spring rate?
Does anyone know how one might convert the durometer rating of a ...
Posted 09/19/03 14:28 PST
Poor Drafting Practices
And while we're on the subject of scaling CAD drawings - I use l...
Posted 09/19/03 14:23 PST
Poor Drafting Practices
You have hit my HOT button. As an official old-fart, I began eng...
Posted 09/19/03 14:11 PST

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