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contact element analysis
Try this link:
Posted 12/15/08 15:36 PST
This forum is going downhill!
I did do my homework befor signing up (BSME, Purdue, '89)!&n...
Posted 11/07/08 09:18 PST
Permeation of gasses through elastomers
Hi George,Can't help you with the question in your last big parag...
Posted 09/25/08 15:58 PST
This forum is going downhill!
Another reason to split it up by world location is that many...
Posted 08/21/08 16:05 PST
cosmos works vs algor
I've used SolidWorks for about 10 years and started using COSMOSW...
Posted 08/18/08 15:25 PST
Global Warming and Sustainable Building Design.
This is an interesting subject.  Something that has been imp...
Posted 07/14/08 16:55 PST
This forum is going downhill!
I could not agree more!  I used to love checking this forum ...
Posted 05/27/08 16:01 PST
finite element method
A simple shape like a rod or beam has easily deduced mathamatical...
Posted 05/27/08 15:44 PST
design of wing of wind mill
You may want to specify what current rating you wish to achieve a...
Posted 04/24/08 18:26 PST
How to Compute Material Stress over heat and time?
Your question is a little unclear.  There is fatigue due to ...
Posted 01/31/08 18:25 PST
Draft angle for plastic
The method is to remember to account for the fact that ...
Posted 01/31/08 17:10 PST
pm 45
You may want to add a little more detail the next time you ask a ...
Posted 01/07/08 16:38 PST
Geometric Tolerancing
I do quite a bit of geometric tolerancing in my work.  A goo...
Posted 01/06/08 19:07 PST
hardness vs tensile or yield strength
Hardening is sometimes a surface phenomena for a given heat treat...
Posted 07/13/07 09:41 PST
Protective gas for forging furnace
Argon is very commonly used in all sorts of high temperature meta...
Posted 07/11/07 17:48 PST
are we reducing gravity?
When a rocket ship opposes gravity and rises from the Earth ...
Posted 07/11/07 17:43 PST
Tungsen at 3000 C
Have you had any luck with this?
Posted 05/11/07 14:07 PST
engineering jobs related questions
One option is to get a job as a technician with a company that pa...
Posted 05/09/07 09:44 PST
Doubt in Drawing(mechanical)
I'm confused.  I could see how a unit length might not be to...
Posted 05/08/07 10:46 PST
Tungsen at 3000 C
It's still solid tungsten at 3,000 C, believe it or not.  Tu...
Posted 05/04/07 13:50 PST
Doubt in Drawing(mechanical)
This doesn't mean anything.  The line over the 15 degrees is...
Posted 05/04/07 13:47 PST
Tungsen at 3000 C
You will have a very difficult time finding this data because mos...
Posted 05/01/07 16:43 PST
Doubt in mechanical drawing
Your question is rather unclear.  Please try to explain.
Posted 04/27/07 09:42 PST
Wire strength and cutting resistance
Here are some thoughts:1)  Make it out of stainless steel wi...
Posted 04/25/07 11:30 PST
Wire strength and cutting resistance
What is your budget for producing this?  There are several w...
Posted 04/25/07 10:18 PST
How to determine the thermalconductivity
OK.  My e-mail address is
Posted 04/24/07 15:04 PST
How to determine the thermalconductivity
Vijay, I hope you don't take offense, but I'm always a littl...
Posted 04/23/07 16:28 PST
Need Help
What kind of housings are you referring to?
Posted 04/19/07 12:09 PST
fluid dynamics in espresso making
I think the answer is simple - your grounds are absorbing moistur...
Posted 04/17/07 15:31 PST
How to make precision gear molds
Ummm.  What gear?  What mold?
Posted 04/17/07 14:08 PST
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