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Weld Stainless steel on mild steel
Does anybody aware of effects of welding stainless steel on top o...
Posted 05/31/07 09:07 PST
efunda post
Very glad to see that finally we got rid of all those commercial ...
Posted 05/16/07 14:42 PST
engineering jobs related questions
Dr.D is correct about salary. Any kind of money talk is one negat...
Posted 05/11/07 08:54 PST
engineering jobs related questions
Well, its really very wide question and there is no spcecific ans...
Posted 05/09/07 08:56 PST
channel beam simply supported
This seems very simple case. Just need to have answer of followin...
Posted 05/07/07 12:33 PST
Doubt in Drawing(mechanical)
There may an extra line on line happen to be on top of 15, was it...
Posted 05/07/07 12:23 PST
shear stress, shear rate in hollow planetary rotating cylinder mi...
This problem involves more variatibles but I think cs area will b...
Posted 03/15/07 13:50 PST
Important Forum information
Lately thsi forum has become interest of people who are facing me...
Posted 03/15/07 13:48 PST
Any good pills for mental stress & anxiety?
This is not an engineering question. Plesse stick to the purpose ...
Posted 03/15/07 13:44 PST
Torque calculation
I agree with you Dr.D. This is simple solution considering no fri...
Posted 03/08/07 14:06 PST
thermodynamic calculations
Thermodynamics I and IIbyR Yadav Best ever
Posted 02/28/07 14:43 PST
Gear Design
What are all requirements for driven gear/system, waht standard d...
Posted 11/26/06 19:25 PST
Is this question or comment?
Posted 11/21/06 09:03 PST
Main purpose of GDT is to have universal standard of dimension so...
Posted 11/21/06 09:01 PST
Air flow calculation
What I mean to say is your statement "Treatment of gas is ve...
Posted 11/08/06 13:57 PST
Air flow calculation
Your posted messege does not make any sense.
Posted 11/08/06 11:10 PST
Air flow calculation
First of all Normal condition is measured at 00C and 1 atm. press...
Posted 11/08/06 11:06 PST
Air flow calculation
Yes, One namometer in 10-9 m.I apologize for confusion.
Posted 11/05/06 07:24 PST
Typical JIG can be used in manufacturing power plant shafts in ji...
Posted 11/03/06 06:29 PST
Air flow calculation
As far as I know, there is no significance of this unit. But...
Posted 11/03/06 06:22 PST
Air flow calculation
Air flow is measured as amount of air per time that isVolume of a...
Posted 11/02/06 09:17 PST
Professional Licensure Preparation (PE Exam)
I don't know how much I can be useful for you but I am trying for...
Posted 09/07/06 14:24 PST
First Men on Moon Saw UFOs
I agree to your statement.
Posted 08/14/06 05:35 PST
First Men on Moon Saw UFOs
This is engineering post not a kind of show where you just tell y...
Posted 08/14/06 05:10 PST
First Men on Moon Saw UFOs
First men on moon did not see any UFO. They thought they did firs...
Posted 07/27/06 09:43 PST
Sheet metal
Email me entire problem in detail
Posted 07/07/06 13:43 PST
Solidworks version problem
I am trying to send Solidworks 2006 SP4.1 model to one of my vend...
Posted 06/14/06 13:28 PST
beam deflection formulae
Why do you need it. I mean if you need such formula you are eithe...
Posted 05/26/06 14:30 PST
seeking creative engineers with a desire to TEACH!
Hi Arvind,Since you did not list your email, I am sending you mes...
Posted 05/23/06 12:26 PST
Drawing Problem
Vibhanshu Bhardwaj,I think you can use two configurations of the ...
Posted 05/05/06 14:43 PST
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