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UserName: krislou80
Name: Kris Lou
Location: california
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design of driveline
well I do know other repair shops that can do design and repair a...
Posted 05/09/11 20:26 PST
The Mazda rotary IC engine.
not at all The separate companies these men founded merged finall...
Posted 03/19/11 03:38 PST
The Mazda rotary IC engine.
The Renesis is capable of delivering 238 hp (177 kW) wi...
Posted 03/10/11 22:04 PST
gasoline fuel-injection system
the carburetor has largely been replaced by a gasoline fuel-injec...
Posted 03/10/11 19:16 PST
gas turbines vs diesel piston engines
A largely successful company as Toyota who maintains a wide line-...
Posted 03/07/11 19:17 PST
gearbox and chain drive efficiency
Driving with a broken steering gearbox is an accident waiting to ...
Posted 03/07/11 18:45 PST
Rust Problem after heat treatment of steel in continuous furnace ...
Rust is caused by oxidation. If you take a piece of iron and you ...
Posted 02/28/11 19:10 PST
Fuel efficiency Increase
A busted air intake hose, however, can become misleading to most ...
Posted 02/28/11 17:57 PST
Acceleration and radius of tires
We usually use belts to connect PULLEYS; Chains to connect SPROCK...
Posted 02/28/11 17:53 PST
Working of a car
what type of car do you have? and what type of auto parts do you ...
Posted 02/28/11 17:49 PST
formula one car
informula one make sure To put things in context, vehicle mileage...
Posted 01/12/11 23:36 PST
Automobile frames
Among the many control components installed in every vehicle is t...
Posted 01/12/11 23:31 PST
Not too cold or not too warm: this is what the A/C & Heater C...
Posted 01/06/11 22:08 PST
Dics Brake Heating
the caliper must be sticking. the pads sqeeking the brake disc ev...
Posted 01/06/11 21:58 PST
Calculation of impact force
just a simple calculation of the force that you need to calculate...
Posted 01/06/11 21:50 PST
why do cars don't use disc brakes that much?
An automobile without a halting device is a cruising disaster. Go...
Posted 10/14/10 00:33 PST
AC motors and carbon brushes
Large brushes are desired for a larger brush contact area to maxi...
Posted 10/08/10 23:15 PST
Heat treatement of 4140 Alloy steel to 45 Rockwell "C" (Rc)
You will be surprised how efficient your vehicle is designed. Eve...
Posted 10/08/10 23:09 PST
Rack and pinion steering
trying to design a new one is so hard to do.A dependable steering...
Posted 09/27/10 18:14 PST
Improved scavenging of exhaust gases in IC engines
The Exhaust is usually not one of the most prioritized parts of a...
Posted 09/24/10 23:30 PST
aluminum vs. steel in brake disc
galvanised steel is a lot more safer. if u go by the book. it ...
Posted 09/18/10 01:23 PST
automobile, power steering and catalytic converter
Most power steering systems work by using a hydraulic system...
Posted 09/15/10 22:14 PST
aluminum vs. steel in brake disc
galvanised steel is a lot more safer. if u go by the book. it i...
Posted 09/13/10 18:27 PST
brake servo problem?
I've been using a brake booster from a1 cardone and it quite get ...
Posted 09/06/10 20:43 PST
aluminum vs. steel in brake disc
i just like aluminum disc brake.
Posted 07/17/10 02:42 PST

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