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online training and certifications
Hi,  I have got this website where you can get yourself tra...
Posted 06/19/17 08:01 PST
Chinese Stainless Steel equivalent in SAE/AISI
Hi, Can someone tell me what is D667 (Chinese standard of stainle...
Posted 11/28/08 06:59 PST
stainless steel casting
Dear Sir, Can you through some light on stainless steel cast...
Posted 05/11/06 09:19 PST
relation between different hardness units
Sir, I want to know the relation between rockwell hardness a...
Posted 04/18/06 04:19 PST
retained austinite
Sir, why does high carbon steel and alloy steel have retained a...
Posted 10/06/05 04:03 PST
Sir, the common problem in nitriding is the formation of white l...
Posted 06/30/05 05:36 PST
Sir, the common problem in nitriding is the formation of white l...
Posted 06/30/05 05:36 PST
mech. prop. of ducitle iron at elevated temperatures
Sir, Imagine what woul happen to nodules of ductile iron at elev...
Posted 06/28/05 03:57 PST
operation research
sir, can anybody suggest me the softwares required to solve op...
Posted 03/20/05 15:14 PST
Quality: -- Calculating Sigma from Mean and Std Deviations
sir, you might have understood the basics given by cessna. whe...
Posted 03/20/05 15:05 PST
Sir, The white layer you are talking about could be the white la...
Posted 10/15/04 07:35 PST
Quality models
Sir, I want to know about CII model for total quality control (T...
Posted 08/26/04 06:56 PST
quality control and 6 sigma
Sir, I would like to know about quality control and 6 sigma, the...
Posted 08/22/04 06:55 PST
Relationship between hardness and co-eff of friction
Sir, Iam really surprised to see your question, Is there really ...
Posted 08/02/04 04:16 PST
Material Properties
Sir, all the properties you need can be found in ASTM books If ...
Posted 08/02/04 04:08 PST
long and flat products
Sir, I want to know what are long and flat product related to st...
Posted 05/10/04 01:47 PST
Rust vs. Corrosion
Sir, With your permission may i suggest you a book on corrosion...
Posted 12/29/03 09:13 PST
Sulphur in Cast steel
Sulphur is added intentionally in cast iron so that it forms MnS...
Posted 11/08/03 00:44 PST
Heat Treatment of Cr Moly steel parts
Sir, what i can understand from cementation hardening is the har...
Posted 02/28/03 01:29 PST
sir would you bother yourself to tell me something about Carboni...
Posted 07/28/02 05:04 PST
NDT tests
sir There is a book on physical metallurgy by Sidney.H Avner. Y...
Posted 07/28/02 05:00 PST
Corrosion resistant coating
Sir, You can always apply any of the protective coatings to resi...
Posted 06/28/02 01:52 PST
Nanomaterials and steels
Sir, I know a little about nanomaterials. If i try to reduce gr...
Posted 06/12/02 08:28 PST
Retained austinite
Sir, How retained austinite increases the fatigue strength of as...
Posted 06/08/02 02:50 PST
Oil hardened non shrinkable steels
Sir, What are Oil hardened non shrinkable steels? regards
Posted 06/08/02 02:24 PST
Conductivity in glasses
Sir, What is meant by AC and DC conductivity in glass? How it ca...
Posted 06/05/02 22:24 PST
Cast irons
Sir, is there any way by hich one can know the kind of cast iro...
Posted 06/05/02 22:04 PST
Fiber Optics
sir, optical fibres are most widely used to transmit messages. ...
Posted 05/26/02 00:25 PST
Induction hardening
sir, I have read in a book that due to very high rate of heating...
Posted 05/26/02 00:11 PST
Glazing in case of surface engineering
Sir, I would like to know what glazing is all about in surface e...
Posted 05/25/02 00:00 PST
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