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Law of conservation of energy
hi, when a baloon of helium is released from earth it goes up ...
Posted 07/31/03 02:43 PST
conversion of ppm into microgram per metre cube
hi. i am having a problem in converting ppm into micrograms pe...
Posted 07/26/03 01:30 PST
In air conditioning uints when air passes over cooling coil how d...
Posted 05/13/03 06:10 PST
half nut design
hi , i want to design half nut for 20 mm dia lead screw wh...
Posted 05/04/02 07:39 PST
hi, i would like to know whether is it possible to join t...
Posted 04/29/02 20:56 PST
lead screw
i want to design a lead screw which is taking very light loa...
Posted 02/12/02 05:15 PST
hi i am 3rd year student of mech engg. studying in new mumbai. pl...
Posted 05/26/01 07:18 PST
what is the criterion for selection of air conditioner? what dou...
Posted 05/26/01 06:47 PST
"francis turbine "
please give me information about francis turbine design and lates...
Posted 03/10/01 05:23 PST
what is the differencr between crank shaft and cam shaft
Posted 01/18/01 08:44 PST
please gice me some infomation about 16 bit computer engine
Posted 12/24/00 22:01 PST
what is simpson's 1/3 rule for solving higher degree equations?
Posted 11/23/00 21:04 PST
automobile, power steering and catalytic converter
please give me information about power steering and catalytic con...
Posted 09/13/00 04:14 PST

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