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Basic Information
UserName: mbeychok
Name: Milton Beychok
Location: Newport Beach, CA, USA
Occupation Chemical Engineer
Specialty: Environmental Technology
E-Mail: (replace xxx with cox)
Profile Summary
California PE in Chemical Engineering and private consultant for 30+ years. Now mostly retired. My main focus was industrial environmental technology, and marketing my air pollution dispersion modeling book "Fundamentals Of Stack Gas Dispersion".
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Air pollution dispersion modeling
For those of you who are interested in learning about air polluti...
Posted 10/07/06 14:40 PST
thermophysical properties
The best place to obtain such information is from the National In...
Posted 02/22/06 10:22 PST
Latent heating effect
Stu 78:Your question is worded in a confused manner, but here goe...
Posted 01/23/06 01:00 PST
Conversion Of Air Polltutant Concentrations and Other Formulas
.For those of you involved with the air quality and/or air pollut...
Posted 01/11/06 11:51 PST
energy required to compress air
737guy:Now its out in the open!  You don't want to learn how...
Posted 01/10/06 20:02 PST
energy required to compress air
For an ideal gas, the adiabatic head (H) required to compress a g...
Posted 01/07/06 13:53 PST
energy required to compress air
Posted 01/07/06 12:46 PST
Flue Gas Generation from Fuel Combustion
Here are some typical flue gas generation data for burning natura...
Posted 10/25/05 20:28 PST
Have any of you used this web site?
Have any of you used the web site at and...
Posted 10/22/05 18:37 PST
Water quality indicators: BOD and COD
gerdb: Waters in different parts of the country do taste diffe...
Posted 09/30/05 19:48 PST
Equations for choked flow of gases
The subject of gas flow through orifices, especially under sonic ...
Posted 09/30/05 19:40 PST
Water quality indicators: BOD and COD
This should be of much interest to those of you who work in the f...
Posted 09/30/05 19:05 PST
New discussion forum for Power Plants
For those of you who work in a power plant (fossil-fueled or nucl...
Posted 09/24/05 12:02 PST
Pressure drop in piping
Venkat: It is simply unrealistic for you to expect someone to ...
Posted 09/18/05 14:53 PST
trillicomm: There are many online, free forums at www.eng-tips...
Posted 09/15/05 11:00 PST
trillicomm: Where? In this forum? Or in this website? Or in an...
Posted 09/14/05 20:50 PST
Cooling water evaporation, blowdown and makeup
Rorschach: I have been using HTML in my postings ever since I ...
Posted 08/25/05 13:54 PST
Cooling water evaporation, blowdown and makeup
Acroduster1: I'm glad that you liked my posting. No, I wasn't...
Posted 08/23/05 13:26 PST
Cooling water evaporation, blowdown and makeup
Anyone whose plant includes an evaporative cooling tower and is c...
Posted 08/23/05 10:17 PST
Boiling point of water versus pressure
737guy: You will find the steam tables calculator at: www.e...
Posted 05/25/05 20:15 PST
Tinkering and hands-on skills?
See my reply to your other posting just below this one. Milt B...
Posted 05/01/05 13:09 PST
What is the most important skill for engineering?
In my opinion, most (if not all) engineering fields have two diff...
Posted 05/01/05 13:07 PST
Dr. Funda, purge spam or purge memberships.
I can only find one sales posting in the recent messages ... mess...
Posted 04/26/05 13:49 PST
Devitg: Sorry, I don't know of any Internet site that discusse...
Posted 03/05/05 17:37 PST
Devitg: Now that you have assured us that you intend to purcha...
Posted 03/05/05 15:20 PST
Devitg: The design and construction of ejectors is quite compl...
Posted 03/05/05 09:17 PST
Karunraj85: The design of ejectors is quite complex and requir...
Posted 03/05/05 09:14 PST
Flow in a tube
Frank: If the pressure drop across the the length of tube is 2...
Posted 02/26/05 15:42 PST
Diesel Fuel Vapor Pressure as a Function of Temperature
Your topic heading asks for the vapor pressure of diesel oil, but...
Posted 02/22/05 15:27 PST
Please help me with that fuel
zpap: You really must consider the fact that your question wil...
Posted 02/19/05 12:40 PST
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