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Basic Information
UserName: milindchitale
Name: milind chitale
Location: singapore
Occupation Lecturer in School of Engineering
Specialty: Mechanical and Industrial design, Plastics engg
Profile Summary
I,m a Mechanical engineer with advanced education in Plastics Engineering, and Industrial Design from premier institutes of India.

I currently teach at the School of Engineering at MDIS, Singapore.

I am on the

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Dynamic and kinematic viscosity
Hi everyone out there. A friend of mine is in need to unravel ...
Posted 02/22/01 21:43 PST
I was wondiring how Boyle's law Pressure is inversly propornal to...
If you take into consideration that the rubber balloon itself pre...
Posted 02/22/01 21:36 PST
Portable 1 cu. ft Ice Maker
12 hours to produce one cubic foot of ice is very small amount of...
Posted 11/18/00 05:39 PST
I would like to know more about the ABS(Anti skid Braking system...
Anti skid braking system demand that the wheel of the vehicle sho...
Posted 11/14/00 23:56 PST
materials in medical implants for humans
please give me a list of information sites to get information on ...
Posted 09/08/00 03:33 PST
multi point fuel injection
1)The carburettor is basically a quantity governing system for th...
Posted 08/11/00 10:36 PST
Distance along a 2nd degree polynomial curve
x =[ -b+-sqrt(b^2-4*a*c)]/2*a Hence you can determine x1 and x2...
Posted 06/26/00 00:30 PST
mpfi, Multi Point Fuel Injection
kindly e-mail me some details on the basics of Multi Point Fuel I...
Posted 06/26/00 00:12 PST
plastics manufacturing processes, rotational, injection, blow mol...
A good answer to your questions, although they can be given syste...
Posted 05/15/00 00:48 PST

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