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Cell phone antenna boosters
I am a cellular phone dealer and i know for a fact that they have...
Posted 09/20/01 16:49 PST
Deepest symphaty for all U.S citizen
I don't really have anything really deep to say, except that my h...
Posted 09/12/01 17:29 PST
why engineering?
yeah, thanks, i do want to get a masters, i'm having trouble just...
Posted 09/11/01 13:23 PST
why engineering?
thanx for the reply. i have a meeting with a civil engineer late...
Posted 09/10/01 15:43 PST
why engineering?
hey thanks for the input i'll check out that site, you have very ...
Posted 09/10/01 15:35 PST
why engineering?
i've done a lot of talking to people and reading and internet sur...
Posted 09/10/01 13:32 PST
why engineering?
you know i never really did anything like that when i was a kid, ...
Posted 09/10/01 13:30 PST
why engineering?
thank you very much, i really liked your response. i guess since...
Posted 09/10/01 13:24 PST
why engineering?
i know doctors,etc make more money but from i have been told it s...
Posted 09/10/01 13:21 PST
why engineering?
wow, thanks alot that helps a lot. I liked the part about asking...
Posted 09/10/01 13:18 PST
why engineering?
i am in student in my sophmore year in college and wanting to go ...
Posted 09/08/01 11:20 PST

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