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Pump bhp
The torque DOES increase as flowrate increases. But I think your...
Posted 06/13/01 08:51 PST
calculating system leakage rates
One quick way to get a reasonably accurate answer would be to rig...
Posted 06/11/01 12:27 PST
Basic Steam
If the question is how much condensation occurs in the condenser ...
Posted 06/12/00 08:16 PST
Fluid mechanics / power / natural resources
While you are correct that there is an abundance of " fluid motio...
Posted 06/12/00 07:56 PST
Synchronous speed
The synchronous speed of a motor or generator is that rotational ...
Posted 06/06/00 09:06 PST
Pumps, Boiler Feed Water recirculation line
The orifice plate is used to "tune" the flow resistance of the re...
Posted 05/25/00 13:43 PST
Energy question
It seems the answers posted thus far are missing the "Funda"-ment...
Posted 05/25/00 13:14 PST
Heat loss from an outdoor water storage tank
Your approach may depend on the purpose you intend to used the an...
Posted 04/17/00 11:53 PST
what is BOP
BOP is often used as an abbreviation of "Balance-of-Plant" in the...
Posted 04/17/00 11:32 PST
Alloy Steel Heat Treatment Markings
At a wind energy site, wind turbine blade pitch actuator shafts h...
Posted 04/13/00 14:49 PST

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