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Safety Relief valves
Hullo Sanjib, What was the condition of the spring? Was its ...
Posted 11/29/08 10:57 PST
Power factor
Hullo Vir, I am mot sure I understand your problem. What exactly ...
Posted 11/29/08 00:30 PST
Mechanical Properties for Fe410
Hullo Sathyan, A Google search brought me to page 34 of htt...
Posted 10/15/05 05:50 PST
Mechanical Properties for Fe410
Are you referring to AISI 410? Like geerloose, I am not sure wha...
Posted 10/15/05 01:54 PST
butterfly valves
Hi, The problems arise when buttrefly valves are not in the fu...
Posted 10/15/05 01:42 PST
Isometric drafting of machinery and piping
Dear rorschach, Thanks, I will follow that up. Appreciate you...
Posted 09/22/05 04:31 PST
Isometric drafting of machinery and piping
People, I need to illustrate some articles with perspective dr...
Posted 09/20/05 01:59 PST
What is the most important skill for engineering?
An Engineer applies theory to create or restore things. So she/h...
Posted 05/03/05 13:52 PST
Isolations for Shutdown Valves and Blowdown Valves
Mr. Wahab, ESD and Blowdown valves are NOT meant to be isolate...
Posted 01/27/05 07:03 PST
Rolls-Royce RB 211 Gas Turbine
Mr. Chaudhry, Have you tried contacting Rolls Royce themselves...
Posted 01/27/05 06:50 PST
I know this one will light some fires...
Interesting discussion to which I want to add a few questions to ...
Posted 10/02/04 03:23 PST
It's a popular tendency for developed country to outsource
The old Soviet Union was the best example of a closed market - no...
Posted 10/02/04 02:19 PST
Fire fighting water flow along ground.
The distance travelled depends on several factor, such as - the ...
Posted 09/17/04 02:03 PST
Fouling Mitigation
Please give us a little more information so we can try to assist ...
Posted 05/04/04 02:33 PST
Try Keith Mobley's book 'Maintenance Foundamentals', ISBN 0-7506-...
Posted 03/05/04 09:18 PST
Corrosive soil
The potential seriousness of the problem suggests that you should...
Posted 03/05/04 09:06 PST
Desaltification of sea water
Many commercial plants do in fact use double distillation of sea ...
Posted 03/05/04 08:43 PST
keeping contaminants out of a gearbox
I have used a small pressure on, in my case bearing housings, to ...
Posted 02/18/04 09:16 PST
a case of worker initiative
Brilliant, thanks for sharing it with us. Some of us forget that...
Posted 11/14/03 13:03 PST
Taper shims under motor feet for alignment
While you can do so on a temporary basis to overcome the softfoot...
Posted 09/15/03 12:38 PST
Bearing temperature rise
A rise in temp. of 20 F does not look abnormal. The only questio...
Posted 09/15/03 12:30 PST
Rotating and static equipments
Hullo Rakesh, Static equipment consisits ot items which do not...
Posted 09/15/03 12:23 PST
Premature failure of bearing of a vertical mounted motor
First, I agree entirely with rorschach; however tempting it is to...
Posted 05/13/03 01:01 PST
Pressure problem, 1 atmosphere to vacuum
Hi WhileE, Lets take your questions one at a time. 1. The ...
Posted 04/09/03 01:07 PST
Start-up procedure for cryogenic duty pumps
Hi, I am not happy with the remedy spike78 suggests. Before s...
Posted 03/25/03 05:45 PST
Start-up procedure for cryogenic duty pumps
Hi, Cryogenic pumps are special equipment, because of the low ...
Posted 03/24/03 09:39 PST
Installation of blind flanges at suction / discharge of a pump
If you are handling petroleum or other flammable liquids and usin...
Posted 02/28/03 16:17 PST
Toxic and Flammable Gas detectors
Dear smog. Portable gas detectors used with combustible gases ...
Posted 02/07/03 02:30 PST
Toxic and Flammable Gas detectors
Dear smog, A continuous gas (or fire or heat detector) is one ...
Posted 02/06/03 15:02 PST
Corrosion conundrum
Dear Spike78, I am curious as to whu you wish to pick an expen...
Posted 02/05/03 05:14 PST
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