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Basic Information
UserName: neil moran
Name: Neil Moran
Location: Suffolk UK
Occupation Structural / Mechanical Design Engineer
Specialty: Theatre & Stage Engineering
Profile Summary
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Composite beam in simple bending
Hi Rob, I see your problem, but I would still tackle it the way ...
Posted 05/01/09 12:11 PST
Composite beam in simple bending
Hi Rob, The simplest way to tackle this is to treat the beam as ...
Posted 05/01/09 07:47 PST
Good gear design book - any recommendations?
Gear Design & Application by Nicholas P Chironis
Posted 12/22/08 11:53 PST
Bending stiffness
Hi,I agree with Ram Bala, for problems relating to bending we use...
Posted 12/21/08 14:11 PST
RPM to Gear ratio
Darrell,Assuming you know the weight of the boat and that it is o...
Posted 12/19/08 12:57 PST
calculate I value to get first natural frequency of 450Hz
Hi,I may be a bit late for you here, but here goes anyway.An appr...
Posted 12/19/08 09:25 PST
RPM to Gear ratio
Hi Darrell,1HP is equal to 550lbs.ft/sec. In other words (assumin...
Posted 12/19/08 07:56 PST
Scissor lift table mechanism
Hi Asa,I do indeed remember my post, several years old now.The ho...
Posted 11/30/07 13:54 PST
Hi all,Force x distance = constantIn other words - 200# x 2"...
Posted 10/23/07 13:17 PST
MEng project help: energy to lift something
Hi Tom,It doesnt take any power (watts) to just hold something up...
Posted 10/31/06 09:34 PST
Thickness of plate
Hi Jak0889, Take a look at `Roark's Formulas for Stress & Stra...
Posted 10/31/03 09:29 PST
Focus and arc length of a Parabola, solar trough
Hi Paul, There is some information on this in `Machinery's Han...
Posted 10/14/03 01:29 PST
Stress Concentration Factor for Threads
Hi Bmayville, Take a look in `Roark's Formulas for Stress and ...
Posted 09/25/03 01:03 PST
laplace transform
Hello irl81, Take a look at - - ...
Posted 07/29/03 01:10 PST
Wrench Clearances
Hi Chris, Try, Machinery's Handbook, its as good a place as an...
Posted 07/16/03 12:07 PST
Fiberglass vs sheet metal floor
Hi Dalibor, In a collision, sheet metal deforms and crumples t...
Posted 07/08/03 07:52 PST
Fiberglass vs sheet metal floor
I think Spike78 is right. On a `one off`, fibreglass is relativel...
Posted 07/08/03 01:21 PST
Ultimate load capabilities of M10 x 1.5 bolt
I would use the min dia of thread. This may not be strictly corre...
Posted 07/06/03 03:21 PST
Ultimate load capabilities of M10 x 1.5 bolt
Nearly right hammerpe, except you need to use the shear stress ra...
Posted 07/04/03 12:00 PST
This is very similar to a question asked on another forum. Its al...
Posted 07/02/03 08:04 PST
The most basic of applications of f=ma
Another way to check this is to take the square root of the ratio...
Posted 06/26/03 12:04 PST
The most basic of applications of f=ma
Hi Manhattan, Ah, Hah, it's the Kinetic energy that you are af...
Posted 06/24/03 09:52 PST
The most basic of applications of f=ma
Hi Manhatten, I'm not exactly sure what you are asking here, a...
Posted 06/24/03 08:29 PST
Rigorous Proof of Heron's Formula
Hi Acroduster1, Try this -
Posted 06/23/03 11:38 PST
Warping Constant
Hi Acroduster1, Try "Roarks Formulas for Stress & strain" by W...
Posted 06/11/03 08:27 PST
converting wind spead to force
Thanks acroduster1 for your kind words. Neil Moran
Posted 06/05/03 05:53 PST
converting wind spead to force
Thanks b1ueshift, for putting me right. I forgot to convert miles...
Posted 06/05/03 01:42 PST
converting wind spead to force
Hello jophillips, 100miles/hr = 100/3.2808 = 30.48m/sec The...
Posted 06/04/03 01:34 PST
I Beam Deflection
Hello lito1130, If you really want to calculate the second mom...
Posted 05/25/03 06:17 PST
Deflection of plate...
Hi Janghoon, "Roarks Formulas for Stress & Strain" by Warren C...
Posted 05/22/03 01:04 PST
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