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DON'T USE BOLTS TO LOCATE!! Dowell pins or something else should...
Posted 04/18/05 18:13 PST
Polymers vs metals
Regarding copper in the ground I would beg to differ based on two...
Posted 04/18/05 18:08 PST
Installation of Strain gages on polyethylene
There are a lot of issues with applying a strain guages to a low-...
Posted 12/29/04 11:51 PST
German machinist's apprentiship
Thank you for the great replies everybody! I hope you all have a ...
Posted 12/29/04 09:32 PST
German machinist's apprentiship
I heard (from a friend) that Charlie Taylor, builder of the Wrigh...
Posted 12/28/04 15:40 PST
I know this one will light some fires...
I think Narayan is right:The market works 1. If so, then upper-l...
Posted 12/21/04 11:30 PST
what is hoop stress?
My SWAG: (Stupid Wild A** Guess) If you find NOTHING perhaps ...
Posted 12/21/04 10:58 PST
Composite coil springs?
Dark One- You probably saw this Dutch website already... http...
Posted 12/21/04 09:41 PST
What would it take to get the US to go SI (metric)?
Some ideas...please add some of your own... Listen to others. ...
Posted 12/21/04 08:11 PST
Two surfaces of the same hardness?
This piece of information was worth the price of one year of efun...
Posted 12/15/04 20:25 PST
Engineering Reference
build a cardboard model first using cardboard and brass pins that...
Posted 12/15/04 19:07 PST
Engineering Reference
try this:
Posted 12/15/04 19:06 PST
stainless steel alloys used in rocket engines
I heard the Russian Engineering schools could not afford experime...
Posted 12/15/04 17:25 PST
stainless steel alloys used in rocket engines
In the 1800's there was Russian Iron used on trains. It did not r...
Posted 12/15/04 17:23 PST
you probably got this already but you can 1. use proper thermoco...
Posted 12/15/04 17:21 PST
a case of worker initiative
Perhaps this worked because the delay allowed more powder to burn...
Posted 12/15/04 17:13 PST
aluminum metallurgy and re-entry temperatures
When I was in high school they had an assembly where they had som...
Posted 12/15/04 16:59 PST
help with exponents
A lot of fluid mechanics equations, heat transfer equations and m...
Posted 12/15/04 16:45 PST

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