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Neoprene Specs
Gearloose, Many thanks ! I need to model Neoprene or more aptl...
Posted 06/01/00 19:22 PST
Neoprene Specs
Dear All, What are the basic data specs for "neoprene rubber" ...
Posted 06/01/00 00:05 PST
Leak Test
Thanks again ! >>Are you sure that the Neoprene is absolutely...
Posted 05/14/00 02:01 PST
Leak Test
Many thanks for your prompt reply. Apologies for not providing e...
Posted 05/12/00 20:51 PST
reverse gear, sudden engagement from forward gears in automobiles
Synchronous gear boxes use a taper sleeve to ensure that the enga...
Posted 05/12/00 20:11 PST
Leak Test
Dear Sir / Madam, I need to "leak test" a (1.5 m diameter X 90...
Posted 05/12/00 19:44 PST
Conductivity of Aluminium Oxide
Hello ! Could you please give me an estimate of Thermal Conduc...
Posted 01/16/00 19:13 PST

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