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Basic Information
UserName: pfeinstein
Name: Patrick Feinstein
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Occupation Engineering
Specialty: Exotic alloy valves
Profile Summary
I deal with alloy valves on a daily basis.

Posts by pfeinstein
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Moment distribution calculator
Thanks for posting the tool! _________________________________...
Posted 11/17/12 13:24 PST
Pump bhp
Well, your readings are likely off, since the torque has to incre...
Posted 11/17/12 13:24 PST
Moment of Inertia
Have a look at the structural steel channel properties section at...
Posted 11/17/12 13:22 PST
Diesel engine torque and horsepower conversion formulas
You have plenty of tools for this on  ...
Posted 11/17/12 13:20 PST
Seeking Stress Concentration Factor Formula For Grooved Round Sha...
The University of Stavanger (Norway) have some nifty tools for th...
Posted 11/17/12 13:18 PST
Gear Design software.
Have a look at for some decent gear design software;...
Posted 11/17/12 13:16 PST
Rapid Prototyping Technical
Have a look at the Robotics section at University of California a...
Posted 11/17/12 13:15 PST
Leasing Calculator
You're really dealing with compound interest here, since your lea...
Posted 11/17/12 13:12 PST
geometric tolerancing
One common area of confusion within GDT is between parallelism an...
Posted 11/17/12 13:10 PST
Engineering vs. Sales
You have a valid point there, ddelaiar.  You might watn to t...
Posted 11/17/12 13:08 PST
Painting over-molded TPE or TPU?
One of the issues you're facing is the time you allow for the pai...
Posted 11/17/12 13:04 PST
Cell phone antenna boosters
How can you start research with a "something to disprove" hypothe...
Posted 11/17/12 13:01 PST
Calculation of Pressure Drop of a Grill
hi rorypercival: pressure drop is difficult to calculate, but in...
Posted 11/17/12 12:56 PST
Use of Bleed valves
This is basically done to relieve the system of excess condensati...
Posted 11/16/12 14:47 PST
failure of valves
Stem corrosion, and corrosion in general, can be reduced by using...
Posted 11/16/12 14:46 PST
condensation of sulphur, heavy fuel oil
You can combat the corrosive effects of Heavy Fuel Oil using exot...
Posted 11/16/12 14:44 PST
valves, leak detection, hydrostatic, pneumatic
If you have ASME valve pressure  testing equipment, you'll g...
Posted 11/16/12 14:42 PST
valve body casting
You're asking about ASTM A216 WCB valves which is a plain carbon ...
Posted 11/16/12 14:39 PST
Are you using a standard butterfly valve? Have you considered tri...
Posted 11/16/12 14:38 PST
Hydrochloric Acid & Metals
You'll eventually need an exotic alloy valve for this application...
Posted 11/16/12 14:37 PST
Do butterfly valves open under pressure.
Were the valves installed in the correct direction of the flow? &...
Posted 11/16/12 14:33 PST
Fire Safe Valves
Fire safe valves are designed in such a way that, in case of a fi...
Posted 11/16/12 14:31 PST
Industrial Globe Valve
You're testing two very different class valves (150# and 600#) at...
Posted 11/16/12 14:27 PST
butterfly valves
Can you specify the exact nature of the slurry (viscosity, temper...
Posted 11/16/12 14:25 PST
Cryogenic GATE/GLOBE valve with safety bellows ????
Velan offers a full range of cryogenic valves; in fact, they're a...
Posted 11/16/12 14:23 PST
Safety Relief valves
Unless these are special valves, after 15-20 years, you might con...
Posted 11/16/12 14:21 PST
outside diameter of flanges
If you're dealing with ANSI valves, you're same since the normali...
Posted 11/16/12 14:18 PST

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